SNJ2260 Electric Pressure Washer (7300-14500PSI High-Pressure, 4.8-6.4GPM)


The SNJ2260 High-pressure electric pressure washer is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment, ideally suited for the washing of concrete equipment and large vehicles, cleaning construction site debris, sand removal from casting surfaces, rust removal from steel surfaces, unclogging pipes, and the removal of paint or coatings from various surfaces.

Thoughtfully designed by HIKING Machinery, it is powered by a high-capacity electric motor and equipped with a high-quality, high-pressure plunger pump, capable of delivering a maximum pressure of up to 14,500 PSI and a water flow rate of up to 6.4 GPM. Compared to other products on the market, the SNJ2260 electric pressure washer offers higher power, stronger pressure, and a wider range of functions. Its 15-meter-long spray gun hose ensures flexible operation, and it can be equipped with various types of nozzles to meet all your cleaning needs. With durable materials and outstanding performance, it provides an efficient cleaning experience.

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HIKING Machinery is a leading manufacturer in the cleaning equipment industry, trusted by global customers for its outstanding product quality and comprehensive after-sales service. The SNJ2250 High-pressure electric pressure washer, with its impressive performance and multifunctionality, showcases HIKING Machinery’s manufacturing prowess, making it a high-quality, reliable choice.


ModelMaximum PressureTheoretical FlowVoltagePowerPipe Length
SNJ2250-150Mpa / 7300psi22L/M / 5.8GPM380V22KW15m
SNJ2250-260Mpa / 8700psi22L/M / 5.8GPM380V30KW15m
SNJ2250-370Mpa / 10000psi22L/M / 5.8GPM380V30KW15m
SNJ2250-480Mpa / 11600psi18L/M / 4.8GPM380V30KW15m
SNJ2250-580Mpa / 11600psi24L/M / 6.4GPM380V37KW15m
SNJ2250-6100Mpa / 14500psi24L/M / 6.4GPM380V37KW15m


  • Equipped with a 22-37 kilowatt high-power motor, delivering continuous, robust power to ensure steady operation over long periods. The high power guarantees the efficient completion of various tasks, even when dealing with the most stubborn dirt.
  • It features a high-quality, high-pressure plunger pump that can generate up to 21,500 PSI of extreme pressure. The pump maintains a stable water flow rate to achieve optimal cleaning results for different tasks. Its durability extends the pump’s life, reducing maintenance costs.
  • A high water flow rate of 8 gallons per minute ensures efficient cleaning, achieving quick and thorough cleaning results, allowing you to complete more tasks in less time.
  • The SNJ2250 High-pressure electric pressure washer comes with a 15-meter-long spray gun hose to extend the cleaning range and enhance flexibility. Thus, you can easily reach further areas without frequently moving the equipment.
  • Offers various nozzle types to meet different cleaning requirements, ensuring each task is completed with the most suitable tool. The quick-change nozzle design minimizes downtime and maximizes work efficiency.
  • Suitable for cleaning concrete equipment, large vehicles, construction site debris, casting surface cleaning, steel rust removal, pipe unclogging, and removal of paint or coatings. Its versatility makes the SNJ2250 electric pressure washer an ideal choice for customers in different fields.


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    Weight 300 kg
    Dimensions 110 × 110 × 110 cm

    SNJ2250-1, SNJ2250-2, SNJ2250-3, SNJ2250-4, SNJ2250-5, SNJ2250-6


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