SNJ2280 Diesel Powered Heavy Duty Pressure Washer (7300-21700PSI, 3.5-6.4GPM)


The SNJ2280 diesel-powered heavy duty pressure washer is a versatile cleaning machine suitable for a wide range of applications, including washing various concrete equipment and large vehicles, construction site debris removal, non-destructive sand cleaning from castings, rust removal from steel surfaces, unclogging of pipelines, as well as eliminating paint from sprayed surfaces, floor or wall coatings. Manufactured by HIKING Machinery, this washer is crafted from high-quality materials, offering robust power and sturdy construction. With its 65 horsepower four-cylinder diesel engine and a high pressure capability of 21,700 PSI, it can tackle the most demanding cleaning tasks. Equipped with a 15-meter spray gun hose and a selection of nozzle types, it meets varying cleaning needs. Offering superior pressure and durability, as well as high efficiency and flexibility, it stands out against similar products, making it an ideal choice for professionals and businesses.

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Product Overview

As a leading industry manufacturer, HIKING Machinery has earned customer trust through exceptional quality and outstanding service. The SNJ2280 diesel powered heavy duty pressure washer showcases the company’s advanced technology and professionalism, ranking as a top performer in the cleaning sector.


ModelMaximum PressureTheoretical FlowEnginePowerPipe Length
SNJ2280-150Mpa / 7300psi22L/M | 5.8GPMfour-cylinder diesel engine40hp15m
SNJ2280-260Mpa / 8700psi22L/M | 5.8GPMfour-cylinder diesel engine40hp15m
SNJ2280-370Mpa / 10000psi22L/M | 5.8GPMfour-cylinder diesel engine40hp15m
SNJ2280-480Mpa / 11600psi18L/M | 4.8GPMfour-cylinder diesel engine40hp15m
SNJ2280-580Mpa / 11600psi24L/M | 6.4GPMfour-cylinder diesel engine65hp15m
SNJ2280-6100Mpa / 14500psi24L/M | 6.4GPMfour-cylinder diesel engine65hp15m
SNJ2280-7150Mpa / 21700psi13L/M | 3.5GPMfour-cylinder diesel engine65hp30m
SNJ2280-8150Mpa / 21700psi9L/M | 2.8GPMfour-cylinder diesel engine40hp30m


  • Powered by a robust four-cylinder diesel engine, up to 65 horsepower, it provides enduring and powerful performance, ensuring efficient operation over extended periods.
  • In comparison to smaller cleaning equipment, the SNJ2280 diesel-powered heavy duty pressure washer can clean large concrete equipment, construction site debris, and heavy vehicles more swiftly and effectively.
  • Capable of generating pressures up to 21,500 PSI, it effortlessly removes stubborn dirt and rust.
  • SNJ2280 diesel powered heavy duty pressure washer provides the perfect solution for cleaning sand from castings, removing rust from steel, unclogging pipelines, and removing architectural surface coatings.
  • Comes equipped with a 15-meter-long spray gun hose, granting users an extended operational range.
  • Offers various types of nozzles suitable for cleaning different surfaces. Users can switch nozzles based on specific requirements to achieve the desired cleaning outcome.
  • Constructed from high-quality materials that ensure good resistance to corrosion and impact, guaranteeing stable operation in harsh environments.
  • Carefully designed to ensure long-lasting durability, thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • The SNJ2280 diesel-powered heavy duty pressure washer is not only suitable for cleaning concrete and large vehicles but is also effective for construction site debris removal, sand cleaning from castings, steel rust removal, and pipeline unclogging.
  • Provides reliable cleaning solutions for professionals and businesses, enhancing work efficiency and minimizing downtime.


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    Weight 500 kg
    Dimensions 150 × 120 × 120 cm

    SNJ2280-1, SNJ2280-2, SNJ2280-3, SNJ2280-4, SNJ2280-5, SNJ2280-6, SNJ2280-7, SNJ2280-8


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