Concrete Finishing Machine: Types, Price And Why Use It

Concrete finishing machines are used for concrete slab finishing. It can reduce manpower input, speed up construction progress, and shorten construction time. It is a common equipment for concrete surface finishing.

This article will explain what is a concrete finishing machine(type and price), and why use it.

Concrete Finishing Machine Working on Concrete Slab
Concrete Finishing Machine Working on Concrete Slab

What Is Concrete Finishing Machine

Concrete finishing machine(also known as concrete finisher machine, power float and power trowel machine) is a piece of construction equipment used for concrete floating smooth surfaces on concrete slabs. It consists of an operating mechanism, a power mechanism, and working blades that rotate to finish the concrete surface.

Machines To Finish Concrete

There are three types of concrete finishing machines commonly used. Their principle and function are the same, with only minor application differences.

Ride On Type

This is a large concrete floor finishing machine with two set blades, which is operated by the operator sitting on it. And moves forward under its own power. The machine is equipped with a water tank to spray water on the floor as needed. In addition to those powered by diesel and petrol engines, there are also hydraulically powered machines. The common working width is 36″*2 / 46″*2 .

Features – very high construction efficiency, less effort for the operator, greater weight for the concrete surface compaction effect. However, the operation is easy but requires experienced operators to obtain the best construction results.

Walk Behind Type

Walk behind power float is the most widely used concrete finishing machine. The operation is simple. The common working width of the machine is 36″ / 46″.

Features – high construction efficiency. Operators need to walk behind the machine to operate it. The operation difficulty is relatively easy.

Power Concrete Edger

The working width of this power concrete edger is generally 24″. Smaller than an ordinary power trowel, it has a rotating anti-collision ring on the upper part of the blade, which is positioned near the wall and formwork to avoid blade impact. In addition, it is more flexible for small-area concrete slab finish work.

Features – it can be used near the edge of the wall. Small and flexible, easy to use in concrete finishing construction of a small area. The operation is also relatively easy.

Buy A Quality Concrete Finiher Machine

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Why Use

If you are a professional concrete contractor, a concrete finishing machine can help you improve construction efficiency several times over.

Compared with finishing by hand, these machines can save time and manpower investment. Especially in large-area concrete leveling projects, it is hard to imagine how thousands of square meters of concrete troweling work can be completed at a time without these finishing machines.

Therefore, mechanical concrete finishing is a necessary skill for a professional contractor. Even for small concrete slabs, I recommend using a concrete finishing machine to save your input.


Through our explanation, you have a certain understanding of concrete finishing machines. There is little difference between different types of machines, and even a small power edger is far more efficient than a manual trowel. If you are a professional contractor, we highly recommend you use it.

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