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The concrete helicopter is called as concrete power trowel, Helicoptere Beton, concrete power float, concrete finishing machine, the concrete helicopter is used to quickly and efficiently finish concrete floor.

Hiking is a professional supplier of concrete helicopters. In this article, besides introducing Hiking concrete helicopter products, we will also provide you with detailed information about concrete helicopter sales price, principle, usage, advantages, operation method and safety instructions.

Hiking Concrete Helicopter Price & Products List

Hiking is committed to providing quality concrete equipment to our customers worldwide. The products are included in two main categories: walk behind trowel and ride on trowel. The machine adopts international famous brand engines and high-quality reducers to meet the needs of different customers for various grades of machines. We can ship globally and welcome your purchase.

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We Offer You Best Suits Helicopter For Concrete

The concrete helicopters on display below are some high quality examples that our company offers. In addition to these types below, we also have some more cost effective types that are not shown below. I’m sure we must have a machine that best suits your needs

Walk-behind Type

Ride-on Type

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When Should A Concrete Helicopter Machine Be Used?

It is used for the finishing (trowelling and smoothing) of all types of slabs, both indoors and outdoors.

It is particularly suitable for surfacing traditional concrete slabs, which may in some cases include a surface hardener (e.g. quartz).
It can be used to finish certain decorative concretes (smoothed concrete floors, quartz concrete, coloured concrete, waxed concrete).


Advantages Of The Concrete Helicopter (Helicoptere Beton)

Compared to hand trowelling and finishing, the concrete helicopter saves time, gives a perfect surface. It is particularly used for the finishing of concrete slabs on large surfaces (e.g. industrial floors), for which it allows the project to be completed in record time.

When To Use The Concrete Helicopter (Helicoptere Beton)?

Fresh concrete can be worked on as soon as it has enough bearing capacity to walk on and place the helicopter. A concrete helicopter must be used before the poured concrete is completely dry. However, if the concrete is too wet, the use of a concrete helicopter may cause the concrete to be torn up apart by delamination of the concrete material.
The waiting time between the finishing the concrete adjustment with the vibrating rule and the start of the surfacing varies according to the weather and the concrete formula (type of cement in particular). In general, it takes a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.
Here is a method to test if you can start concrete finishing work: You can step on the concrete if your footprint is about ¼ inch deep or less and there is no or minimal water seepage, you can continue using the helicopter smoothing the surface.
On the other hand, if your footprint has a lot of water or is more than ½ inch deep, you may need to wait a bit until it meets the conditions.

How To Use Concrete Finishing Helicopter Machine (Helicoptere Beton)

Use power trowel pans for troweling

Once it is possible to walk on the concrete (which corresponds to the start of setting), mechanical floating can begin.
Floating is carried out with a concrete trowel pan fitted with a smoothing blade or with a smoothing blade (roughing blade).

Use power trowel blade for Finishing

After use a concrete power trowel pan and then mechanically grind the surface with a smoothing blade (steel dressing blade) until a closed, smooth surface is obtained.
Several passes are required, gradually increasing the inclination of the blade.
Concrete floors do not require excessive finishing, Please note that brown marks (“burnt” surface phenomenon) may occur if the steel grindings are used excessively.


Safety Instructions Of The Concrete Helicopter

When operating the concrete helicopter, the following safety precautions should be followed:
1. Always run it on a flat, level surface.
2. It should be transported in an upright position
3. Remove any debris (e.g. bricks, stone glass, ropes, or other sharp materials) from the work area.
4. Make sure you have a firm grip on the handle when the machine is in operation.
5. Using it for long periods of time may cause unwanted vibrations.

Concrete Finishing Helicopter Rental

Concrete helicopters are relatively inexpensive machines. For professional concrete contractors, we do not recommend you to use it by rental. If you are a DIY home builder, you can try renting. Rental rates are typically $60-$100 a day.

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