Concrete screeding equipment plays a vital role for contractors as it proves to be an indispensable tool in the concrete industry. Its primary function is to ensure unparalleled efficiency and precision when leveling concrete surfaces, resulting in a flawlessly smooth and even finish. In the following article, we take great pleasure in presenting a comprehensive review of the five finest concrete screeding equipment options currently available, showcasing their outstanding features and pricing details. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, this review will undoubtedly assist you in making an informed decision for your concrete projects.

Concrete Power Screed

The power screed emerges as a remarkably versatile tool, adept at leveling both expansive and more confined concrete areas with ease. Its design incorporates a vibrating screed blade that skillfully spreads and levels the concrete, making it a highly favored and prevalent choice among concrete screed machines within the industry. Whether confronted with substantial projects or smaller-scale endeavors, the power screed proves itself as an invaluable asset, ensuring impeccable results every step of the way.

concrete power screed in working picture

Highlighted Features:

  • Tailor the blade length to match the specific demands of your project effortlessly.
  • Enjoy precise concrete leveling with the convenience of variable speed control.
  • Experience enhanced usability and reduced operator fatigue with its thoughtfully ergonomic design.
  • Transporting the equipment becomes a breeze due to its lightweight construction.

Pricing Information:

Sale: For those interested in purchasing a power screed, the prices vary based on the model and specifications, ranging from £500 to £1500.

Rental: If you prefer a rental option, daily rates begin at approximately £50, and there are convenient weekly rates accessible for more extensive projects.

VB305 Concrete Power Screed

Hiking machinery supplies high quality concrete power screed to customers worldwide. We carefully manufacture and strictly test to provide you with unbeatable cost performance. All machines are equipped with Honda engines and screed boards can be supplied in various sizes. Now offering a great discount, welcome to your inquiry!

Concrete Roller Screed

Roller screeds stand out as remarkably efficient tools, capable of effortlessly creating uniformly smooth concrete surfaces, even over vast areas. Their secret lies in the utilization of rolling tubes, which expertly distribute and compact the concrete to perfection. Unlike their vibrating screed counterparts, these screeds operate without vibrations, making them highly adaptable to a wide range of construction types, including porous concrete and concrete slopes. Whether you’re working on a sizable project or dealing with specific surface requirements, roller screeds will prove to be your reliable and versatile companion.


Highlighted Features:

  • Embracing remarkable versatility to cater to various construction applications.
  • Facilitating quick and effortless installation and operation, saving valuable time.
  • Holding the potential to minimize injuries to construction workers, prioritizing safety.
  • Offering adjustable pipe lengths to seamlessly adapt to diverse project requirements.

Pricing Information

Sale: For those considering a purchase, roller screeds are available at a range of prices, starting from £1000 and going up to £3000, depending on the type and equipment quality you choose.

Rental: If you prefer a rental option, rental rates start at approximately £70 per day, with the added advantage of discounts offered for more extended rental periods. Whatever your preference, there’s an option to suit your needs and budget.


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Vibratory Truss Screed

Vibratory truss screeds prove their mettle in significant concrete undertakings, such as highways and airport runways, where their capabilities shine through. Crafted with multiple adjustable sections, they gracefully span across the concrete surface, offering unparalleled grade and slope control, thus ensuring top-notch results on every project. According to a report published by The Concrete Society (.uk), truss screeds are highly effective in achieving flatness and levelness specifications required for airport runways and other large-scale concrete projects. These remarkable tools stand as a testament to precision and efficiency in the realm of large-scale concrete construction.


Highlighted Features:

  • Boasting a modular design, facilitating seamless transportation and installation with utmost convenience.
  • Demonstrating remarkable efficiency and precision in covering expansive areas effortlessly.
  • Enjoying the flexibility of adjustability to cater to varying widths as per your specific needs. These features make it a reliable and versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

Pricing Information:

Sale: If you want to purchase, Vibratory truss screed prices differ according to size and quality, typically falling within the range of £3000 to £8000 or beyond, providing various options to suit different requirements.

Rental: If you opt for a rental, daily rates start at approximately £100, while longer-term rentals may present more competitive pricing, allowing you to select the most suitable option that aligns perfectly with your budget and project needs.

steel truss screed

HIKING concrete truss screed machine, which uses the original Honda gasoline engine, is widely used in concrete pavement, bridge and ground engineering for concrete floor pulping, vibration and leveling. Its leveling effect is very good. The width of the road surface can be formed once in the range of 4-18 meters, which can reduce the longitudinal construction joints. Welcome to your inquiry!

Double Beam Screed

Double beam screeds prove to be an excellent match for an array of projects, whether residential or commercial in nature. The presence of two parallel beams working in harmony to vibrate and level the concrete surface ensures an impeccable level of compaction, leaving no room for compromise on quality. Embracing the double beam screed means embracing the assurance of delivering outstanding results on any endeavor, be it a home improvement project or a large-scale commercial undertaking.


Highlighted Features:

  • Embracing the advantage of dual beams, ensuring enhanced stability and unmatched precision in leveling.
  • With a user-friendly and straightforward structure, these screeds offer ease of operation, making them a preferred choice for users of all levels of expertise. Enjoy seamless control and exceptional performance with these remarkable features.

Pricing Information:

Sale: For those interested in purchasing a double beam screed, prices vary based on the model and specifications, offering options ranging from £1000 to £5000. Choose the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Rental: If you prefer a rental option, daily rates start at around £80, and you can take advantage of attractive discounts for longer rental periods. Whether you seek a lasting investment or a short-term solution, these pricing options cater to your specific requirements.

concrete vibrating beam screed

HIKING Concrete vibrating beam screed is a versatile concrete screeding equipment that can be used for various concrete leveling projects. Its modular design makes it easy to adjust the screed width to fit different project needs. The machine uses axial vibration technology that ensures powerful and even vibration. This beam screed has winches and handles, making it easy to operate and suitable for different working conditions.

Concrete Laser Screed

Concrete laser screeds showcase the forefront of innovation, harnessing the power of advanced laser technology to achieve unparalleled precision in concrete screeding. Their remarkable capabilities make them a perfect match for sizable projects that demand stringent tolerances and uncompromising accuracy. When excellence is non-negotiable, these state-of-the-art laser screeds stand ready to deliver exceptional results, leaving no room for compromise.

Highlighted Features:

  • Benefit from laser-guided grade and concrete slope control, guaranteeing extraordinary accuracy and consistency in every aspect of your project.
  • Enjoy the convenience of remote control, making the operation of these screeds remarkably user-friendly and hassle-free.
  • Experience unparalleled efficiency in concrete placing and finishing, saving time and effort while achieving outstanding results. These exceptional features make your construction tasks a breeze and elevate the quality of your work to new heights.

Pricing Information:

Sale: For those considering a purchase, concrete laser screeds are indeed a substantial investment, reflecting their cutting-edge capabilities. Prices usually span from £30,000 to £100,000 or beyond, depending on the system and additional features you choose. The investment you make guarantees top-tier performance and exceptional results.

Rental: While rental options exist, it’s essential to note that due to their higher cost, concrete laser screeds might have limited availability for rentals. Daily rental prices typically range from £500 to £1500, offering an opportunity to experience their advanced features without the commitment of ownership. Consider the value these concrete screeding equipment bring to your projects, and whether you opt to purchase or rent, rest assured, the quality of your work will be elevated to an entirely new level.

s740 laser screed

Hiking laser screed machine can be widely used in various large-area concrete leveling projects, providing excellent leveling effects with advanced leveling head design and laser system. The high quality imported engines and high-flow hydraulic system provide strong power for this concrete screeding equipment so that it can be used in more kinds of concrete. Welcome your inquiry.

How to Choose the Right Concrete Screeding Equipment?

Deciding on the appropriate concrete screeding equipment hinges on various factors, such as the size of the project, its complexity, and the desired level of precision. Both power screeds and roller screeds are versatile options that cater to projects of all sizes, offering reliable and efficient concrete leveling solutions.

If you are paving roads and bridges or require precise grade and slope control, truss screeds emerge as the top choice for their exceptional performance in these applications. For mid-sized projects, double-beam screeds are a perfect fit, providing stability and precision in leveling.

However, when it comes to large-scale endeavors that demand unparalleled accuracy, laser screeds stand out as the optimal choice, delivering impressive results with unmatched precision and efficiency. By carefully considering your project requirements and the specific capabilities of each type of equipment, you can confidently select the concrete screeding tool that best suits your needs.

Below, we present a table to help you in making the correct decision by comprehending concrete screeding equipments’ applications:

Type When to Use
Concrete Power Screed Versatile and adaptable, power screeds excel in various concrete leveling projects. Their maneuverability and ease of operation make them ideal for smaller jobs, manageable even by a single person. Available in both gas-powered and electric models, they prove suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. Power screeds shine when screeding wet concrete, effortlessly achieving a level surface with minimal effort.
Roller Screed Roller screeds stand as another popular choice for concrete screeding equipment, particularly well-suited for larger projects. They achieve optimal results on concrete with a slump exceeding 3 inches. Concrete vibration is required for dry concrete. These screeds are highly effective in constructing permeable concrete and handling concrete slopes. Equipped with a specialized rotating drum, they can also be utilized for concrete curb construction.
Vibratory Truss Screed Vibratory truss screeds are widely favored for their efficacy in paving concrete roads, highways, and bridges. With their longer length, they excel in larger-scale projects. These screeds feature a leveling beam that spans between two screed rails. By adjusting the screed rails to set the required crown for the project, the beam is vibrated to level and consolidates the concrete efficiently.
Double Beam Screed Double beam screeds find frequent use in mid-sized concrete road projects. Comprising two beams connected using bolt-on clamps, these screeds offer flexibility in adjusting to the required project width. The beams are vibrated to effectively level the concrete surface.
Laser Screed When it comes to large-scale concrete projects demanding high precision and strict flatness standards, laser screeds are the top preference. These advanced screeds employ a laser-controlled screed head to achieve precise leveling, resulting in an even surface. Additionally, laser screeds boast automatic grade control, eliminating the need for labor-intensive manual grading.


For contractors in the concrete industry, making a crucial investment in top-notch concrete screeding equipment is paramount. This article has highlighted five options: power screeds, roller screeds, truss screeds, double-beam screeds, and concrete laser screeds. Each option comes with distinct features, pricing, and capabilities to cater to diverse project needs. By carefully evaluating project requirements and budgets, you can confidently select the ideal concrete screeding equipment to fulfill your needs.