The concrete laser screed machine can not only improve the efficiency of ground engineering, but save time and labor. If you have any need, welcome to have a visit.

With the China’s booming economy, the development of Railways and highways is very rapid and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher. In this way, the leveling of concrete ground becomes a very difficult task. The laser screed machine produced by our company simplifies the railway technology, and people are so smart that good and fast machines will be their choice. So today we will introduce the advantages of this laser screed machine:

Laser screed machine is produced based on modern industries, factory buildings, railways, highways, large shopping malls, warehouses, etc. Leveling large areas of road surface is so difficult that machines are required to effectively reduce construction joints, and solve a series of problems such as unevenness, crushing, and roughness of the ground.

HIKING Concrete Laser screed

HIKING Concrete Laser screed

In fact, its working principle is very simple, that is, using a laser line instead of the traditional line leveling passes it to the machine to control the leveling head in real time to achieve rapid concrete leveling accuracy equipment, much more efficient than the traditional leveling up to dozens of times, or even hundreds of times. The advantages are as follows.

First, the laser screed machine helps reduce human inputs

As we all know, if a large area of floor work is carried out according to the traditional staff, the workload of 16 workers in one shift will be about 700 square meters. This machine is very time-saving and labor-saving. The construction team composed of only six workers can complete about 300 square meters per hour. On average, 3500 square meters of work can be completed in each shift. The gap between them is obvious. Given that, this machine is suitable for the projects featuring relatively tight construction schedules, large building areas and highly demanding quality.

Second, the laser screed machine helps save investments, shorten construction period and complete work on time or ahead of schedule.

The traditional leveling which needs to support the template in advance is very laborious and will probably delay the schedule, and can not effectively achieve the return of funds. If this concrete laser screed machine is used, the automation level will be high, large area can be constructed at one time, and the operation method can reduce a part of unnecessary processes compared with the traditional leveling, speeding up the construction progress.

HIKING Concrete Laser screed

HIKING Concrete Laser screed

Third, the laser screed machine causes very small errors and renders high quality.

If the laser screed machine is used to level the concrete ground, there is no need to pull and make wires. The leveling measured and controlled by laser is very accurate with fewer errors and much higher quality than the traditional leveling.

HIKING Concrete Laser screed

HIKING Concrete Laser screed

Fourth, the laser screed machine can provide better integrity of the ground.

Traditional construction can only be a piece by piece construction, which has great limitations and can not be operated continuously. The integrity of the work is not good with relatively large errors. While the concrete laser screed machine can be used for leveling operation in large areas , and the whole piece can be paved at one time. The integrity of the work will be better, which is the effect that traditional leveling can not achieve.

Fifth, the ground operation is compact and even with a long life, reducing the later maintenance .

The high vibration frequency of laser screed machine makes the concrete ground very dense, effectively reducing phenomena of empty drum, shelling, cracking and unevenness of the ground and prolonging its service life and reducing maintenance costs. So companies that have been doing this kind of work for a long time can consider buying this laser screed machine to improve the overall operation level so as to reduce the waste of labor and improve work efficiency. It is a wise choice to consider. (HIKING Laser Leveling Co., Ltd. welcomes any message for consultation)