As far as China’s construction industry is concerned, the choice of laser screed machine has become a popular trend. This kind of machine can effectively improve the flatness strength of a large area of cement mixed ground, and the like, and saves manpower with high efficiency. Below I will tell you how to choose a laser screed machine.

The first choice of laser screed machine depends on the power configuration. In choosing such a large machine, we generally choose a larger power. But as far as the type of engine is concerned, not the best choice for the highest power. You should choose a machine with a medium power that is not very large and uses a highly efficient engine servo motor.

HIKING Laser screed

The second choice should look at the laser system. Because the laser system will directly affect the flatness of the entire floor. There is also a need to focus on the material of the leveling head, which must be a material that is resistant to wear and is not easily deformed.

The third is to look at the most critical vibration motor on the entire machine. Because only high-power vibration can increase the hardness of concrete. The oscillating motor can adjust the final strength of the concrete, so be careful when choosing.

The fourth is to look at electrical control. Modern machine electrical control systems are also an extremely critical aspect. The best thing is to be able to take the plc control unit and operate the machine with a simple manual operation. So be sure to choose the right one when choosing.

HIKING Laser screed

Therefore, when choosing a laser leveling machine, you must find a professional manufacturer. HIKING laser screed machine is a professional manufacturer of concrete laser leveling machine. After years of development, the company now has a variety of walk behind laser screed, ride on laser screed and so on. If you want to know more about laser screed products, please click “Laser screed for Sale“.