In the construction industry in China, the use of large-scale machinery and equipment has become a status quo. Because the use of large machines can effectively reduce the cost of human resources. And large equipment can generally be used for decades to decades, with small investment and long return time. And it seems to be more safe and efficient in terms of mechanical equipment, especially now that many companies have higher requirements for the implementation of the construction industry. However, general labor cannot achieve such precision or various requirements. Nowadays, general machinery can solve it, especially when laying large roads or indoor or outdoor spaces. A particularly large machine is needed to level the road or the ground, and a laser screed appears.

The laser screed machine is mainly applied to the construction of large-area cement floors. The laser screed machine is a factory area or an indoor space with high requirements on the horizontal plane. Since manpower construction does not meet all the required conditions such as strength flatness, a laser screed machine was invented to help people, so that the desired results can be achieved. The laser leveling machine mainly passes through various instruments inside the machine. Such as laser ray or high-intensity vibrometer level adjustment indexing instrument and other types of machinery and equipment. Then work with the brain of the device itself to achieve the required strength and flatness of the ground. This highly efficient and highly accurate modern machine is ideally suited for purchase in the modern construction industry. Because it can be used for a few years to ten years in a single purchase, fast return is a modern machine worth investing.

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And Our main type of the laser screed is walk behind laser screed and ride on laser screed.