Automatic Overhead Drill Press – Drilling Ceiling Be Easy

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It is inevitable to drilling overhead in high places when installing the ceiling system. Most of the time, not only do you need to erect scaffolding, but also need to endure the large amount of dust generated when drilling. Now our automatic overhead drill machine can help you solve these problems very well, and improve your construction efficiency by more than ten times.

What Is Overhead Drill Press?

Overhead drill press is also known as overhead drill machine. It is a device used to drill holes in ceilings (including: concrete, wood and steel). It lifts the hammer drill and allows the operator to drill holes in the high ceiling without standing on the scaffold. Overhead drill machine is widely used in the construction of various ceiling systems.

Overhead Drill Machine Products List and Price

Hkzk-430 automatic overhead drill press is our new best ceiling drill machine in 2021, this machine is designed to be fully automatic and powered by compressed air. It can simulate manual thrust and automatically push the drill upward to drill holes in high ceilings. The machine can drill holes on the ceiling above 10 meters, which saves a lot of manpower and greatly improves construction efficiency.

Welcome to purchase our overhead drill press. The minimum drilling height for this product is 2 metres and the maximum is 4.3 metres.If it meets your needs, you can purchase it directly online.  If you require a different height, please leave your contact details in the form below and we will recalculate the price and shipping costs for you.

HKZK-430 Overhead Drill Press

HKZK-430-1 Overhead Drill Machine

SKU Minimum Drilling Height Maximum Drilling Height Cylinder Lift Stroke
HKZK-430-1 200CM 430CM 80CM
HKZK-430-2 220CM 520CM 120CM
HKZK-430-3 300CM 700CM 150CM
HKZK-430-4 330CM 800CM 200CM
HKZK-430-5 500CM 1000CM 200CM

This machine does not contain air pump and hammer drill, you need to prepare (or purchase) it loacaly. An ordinary air pump can drive this machine. Hammer drills need to be purchased plug-in type, battery hammer drills do not support this ceill drill machine.

Hiking overhead drill machine can use various types of hammer drills (including: Bosch, Hilti, etc.). Here we recommend the use of plug-in hammer drills. Battery types are not suitable for this equipment.

Ceilling Drill Machine Video

Best Way To Drill Into Concrete Ceiling

HKZK-430 overhead drill press should be the best machine in the world for drilling into concrete ceiling. It uses compressed air as power to automatically lift an electric drill for drilling. The force generated by this compressed air has a certain degree of elasticity, which is the same as the force used in manual drilling. It can match the impact force of the electric drill very well, and at the same time, it also has a good protective effect on the electric drill.the machine can be expanded and contracted according to needs, and without scaffolding, it can drill holes on the ceiling above 10 meters, saving a lot of manpower and time. At the same time, the machine is easy to move, one-click lifting and hovering in any position, it is currently the best machine to drill into concrete ceiling.



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