Round Concrete Slab Pouring: Circular Formwork And Screeding

Round concrete slab is often used for special purposes, such as storage tanks, grain bin, etc. For small area construction, you only need to set a right formwork, leveling work can be done by hand. But for large area round concrete slab construction, you need not only the right support formwork, but also the right equipment.

round concrete slab pouring

Circular Concrete Formwork

Creating circular concrete forms need not be complex; whether it’s for a minuscule slab or a massive one, the right approach can streamline the process superbly.

How to make a round concrete form for small slab

The best small area round concrete formwork is butt plastic formwork. You can plan the position of the circular slab on the ground, and then use the plastic template to fix it on the planned ground. This plastic form is very flexible and can be easily jointed. This type formwork is suitable for small area and small thickness concrete slab.

You can calculate the length of the template you need by following the formula: 2*r*3.14 (r is the radius of the circular slab)


Large Circular Concrete Forms

Large circular concrete slabs are mostly made of wooden formwork. Because large area formwork bending requirements are not very high, so you can plan the position of the construction on the ground, and then follow the general method to set up the formwork. You can also use a modular formwork to cut the circle into a polygon with as many sides as possible.

wooden formwork for circle concrete slab

How To Pour

For small areas, pouring is very simple, you just need to follow normal concrete screeding procedures, fill the formwork with concrete and then finish the concrete by hand. However, for larger projects, you will need to use a professional equipment to complete the concrete pour before the concrete has dried.

Round Concrete Slab (Small Area)

For small round concrete slabs, you can spread the concrete by hand concrete screed. The following guide explains the specific construction method:

  1. Mark circular boundaries and excavate to the specified depth for the Preparation Stage. Then, wooden or metal forms will be installed to define the slab’s edges.
  2. For the Base Layer Preparation, lay and compact a gravel base to ensure drainage and stability.
  3. Finally, add reinforcement. To enhance the strength of the concrete and prevent cracking, place mesh or rebar within the forms.
    When mixing the concrete, follow the manufacturer’s guidance or order ready-mix concrete.
  4. To ensure even distribution, start pouring at one point and pour the concrete in a circular motion.
  5. To level and finish the surface, use a screed and a trowel to smooth it. Employ edge tools to create clean borders.
  6. Allow the concrete to cure while keeping it moist to prevent cracking. Full strength development usually takes 28 days.

Concrete Circle Slab (Large Projects)

For large areas, the best solution is to use concrete roller screed.

You can also use hiking machinery’s pivot kit, which includes a pre-embedded part buried in concrete and a 360-degree rotary connector.

pivot kit for concrete roller screed

It is fixed at the center of the round concrete slab before leveling. The internal threaded embedment at the bottom remains permanently in the concrete after construction, and the rotary joint at the top can be reused.

The roller screed sweeps over the concrete circular slab as evenly as the hands of a clock. During construction, the concrete pouring edge is always near the roller screed.

Other type screed machines are not easy to control the length of the interface. If it is a slab with a large area that will easily cause cold joint. Battery roller screed can switch the rotation direction at will. You can switch construction in both directions to avoid cold joint altogether.

The joint above the pivot kit is fixed to the screw and the height can be adjusted as needed. When you need a horizontal concrete slab, adjust the roller tube to a horizontal state. If you want a concrete slab with a funnel or a cone shape you can turn the joint up or down.


Through this article I’m sure you have already known how to pour round concrete slab. Small slabs just need to set a right formwork. In addition to setting formwork for a large area circle concrete slab, it is also necessary to select suitable construction equipment.

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