The Characteristics Of The Telescopic Boom Laser Screed

The telescopic boom laser screed is a large advanced concrete screed machinery which was researched and developed in the 1990s, and it is characterized by its huge size and super high working efficiency.

boom laser screed
Hiking Boom Laser Screed
  1. Because that the telescopic boom laser screed has a relatively larger size and a relatively heavier weight, thus its using area is limited to some extent, so it can not enter some places with a smaller entrance, or very much barriers, or a lower height. So you can not use telescopic booms to do the screed in such places, such as some underground garages, large-scale markets and some commercial residential buildings, in which a telescopic boom can not be used.
  2. In the construction site with steel mesh, because that the telescopic boom laser screed has a relatively heavier weight, so it can not move on it directly, thus laying trucks for the machine is needed, but doing this will increase the difficulty of construction.
  3. Because that the price of a telescopic boom laser screed is very expensive, so its latter maintenance costs are also very high, and due to its very complicated structures, its its failure rate is also relatively high when compared with other types of laser screeds.
  4. As mentioned earlier, the telescopic laser screed has a complicated structure, and is very rigid in its production technology, so currently the somero manufacturer is the only one that can produce high-performance telescopic boom laser screed in the world, and the main problem existing in other manufacturers lies in that their telescopic booms shakes severely, their hydraulic system is unstable and extremely easier to break down, their service life is short because of their substandard production technology, and their relatively lower screeding speed caused by too slow telescopic speed, etc.
Boom Laser Screed Control Panel
Boom Laser Screed Control Panel

As previously mentioned, the production of telescopic boom laser screed should be made by those manufacturers that owns a relatively higher industrial production level, and currently, various kinds of technical defects are widely existing in all the other telescopic boom products except for the somero, and its screeding ability even can not compare with the two-wheeled laser screed, and it is the main reason why my company will not produce the telescopic boom laser screed for the moment.

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