What Is Truss Screed? (4 Advantages & Buying Guide)

Are you familiar with the reliable and robust concrete truss screeds? These machines, composed of truss frame sections connected by quick couplings, are designed to adapt to different widths as needed. Their sturdy structure ensures no sagging, making them a trusted choice for concrete screeding projects with larger spans. Truss screeds, known for their reliability, are among the most commonly used machines for concrete leveling.

In this post, I will introduce:

  • What is a concrete truss screed
  • Its 4 advantages and unique applications
  • Buying guide (Introduce three brands)

By reading the following content, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of concrete truss screed machines.

Concrete truss screed is woking on leveling projects

What Is Vibratory Truss Screed

A vibratory truss screed is a type of concrete screed machine that is used to create a level concrete surface. This frame concrete screed walks on the formwork and relies on its height to control the level of the concrete. It has a very rigid triangular frame structure, making it ideal for creating precise levelling results. The machine also uses an eccentric shaft to provide vibration, which is extremely powerful. The truss screeds are also fitted with a 1-2 meter frame that can be set to different widths (up to 18 meters) to suit your needs. Overall, the truss screed machine is an excellent choice for creating a levelled surface.

concrete truss screed machine
Concrete truss screed machine

Do You Need A Concrete Truss Screed?

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4 Advantages Of Truss Screed Machine

Choose a concrete truss screed that elevates construction efficiency and quality, featuring superb vibration force for impeccable concrete finishes. With its A-frame design, it excels in large-span construction projects, ensuring stability and accuracy. Its straightforward assembly processes and adeptness at handling double-sided slope constructions empower you to streamline the workflow and enhance productivity on site.

Super Vibration Force

Truss screeds are a type of construction equipment that uses a central rotating shaft to drive an eccentric block. The resulting vibration force is used to level and compact concrete. The centre shaft is usually driven directly by the engine, and the resulting vibration frequency can reach up to 10,000 vpm.

In the previous article, we introduced the advantages and methods of vibrating concrete surfaces.

The vibrating truss screed is the most powerful concrete screed machine with a strong vibration force. This powerful vibration force makes it suitable for some high-grade concrete applications that require strong vibration (some dry concrete or hot-weather concrete ). You can often see it in some concrete road and bridge projects.

A-Frame structure of truss screed
A-Frame structure of truss screed

A-Frame Concrete Screed Good For Large Span Construction

The A-frame(triangular) structure of the truss screed is a key feature that ensures stability, even with enormous spans. It can achieve a maximum span of nearly 20 meters, making it versatile for a range of settings, from small roads to large warehouses. The strong vibrations it produces do not easily deform this structure, making it more effective in leveling than smaller machines.

Easy To Assemble

The truss screed is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications. As mentioned above, it is made up of standard sections that can be easily assembled to achieve the desired width. This feature also has additional benefits for future maintenance. If there is a problem with one of the standard sections, only that section needs to be replaced individually. In addition, concrete contractors do not have to purchase the machine multiple times depending on the width of the concrete leveling project. One machine fits all widths, which makes it a reassuringly economical investment.

Double-Sided Slope Construction

*In the video above you can see how to adjust the truss screed slope.

We are not strangers to concrete slope construction. In the previous article, I introduced the roller screed in various concrete slope construction applications. Truss screed plays a completely different role. It is based on its own structural advantages for slope construction. Truss screed concrete can arch at a certain angle in the middle for double-sided slope construction.

Truss Screeds Buying Guide (3 Brand)

When selecting a concrete truss screed, one must seek a harmonious blend of robust construction, precise vibration for even surfaces, and the flexibility to adapt to various depths and complexities of concrete screeding tasks. Prioritize durability, ease of assembly, and adaptable screed options to ensure a tool that not only performs consistently but also contributes to exceptionally flat concrete finishes.

vibratory truss screed machine
Vibratory truss screed machine

Below, we recommend products from 3 brands for your reference:


Allen truss screed has been used for over four years on countless projects around the world. With gasoline engine power, drive vibration, and hydraulic winch options, this self-contained truss screed is the industry standard for all steel-framed truss screeds. Accessories are available for roads, bridges, slabs, and more.


The MBW truss screed is set up and cleaned roughly half the time other screeds are cleaned. Mechanical problems common to other designs are eliminated. All bolted construction eliminates weldment failure. MBW’s offset eccentric shaft/bearing design results in far more uniform vibration across the screed and greatly extends bearing life. The quick coupling method of joining section shafts is fast and eliminates the failure of mechanical connectors. Precision-machined cast A-frames handle stresses in all planes and serve as a built-in fixture for maintaining perfect screed alignment throughout the life of the product.


Wacker vibratory truss screeds are designed for precise strike-off and consolidation of concrete surfaces up to 25 cm/10 inches thick where critical flatness is desired. The bolted construction throughout the screed sections allows for fast assembly without special tools. The T-bolt adjuster provides quick, precise adjustments for flat, crowned or inverted strike-off.


In this post, we have introduced the advantages of concrete truss screed and recommended 3 more brands for you to select. We are sure you already have a systematic understanding of the truss screed machine.

If you have any questions or unique insights about vibrating truss screed machines, please leave a message below to discuss with us.

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