Vibrating Concrete Screed: What is It, How to Use, Types and Features

The use of concrete and its rapid compaction and leveling is important for the continuity of work within any construction work, and that is why having a tool like a vibrating concrete screed that allows good results in this work is important.

If you are interested in including a vibrating screed in your project, next we will tell you how it works, its different types and features.

vibrating concrete screed

What Is A Vibrating Concrete Screed

As cement and concrete are two of the main construction materials, their correct emptying and subsequent smoothing is decisive for a fine and attractive finish, so much so that there is equipment designed for this purpose.

One of them is the vibrating concrete screed, equipment that works with a motor that allows its vibration to level, compact and eliminates bubbles from the concrete quickly, efficiently and with good results.

Thus, this multifunctional vibrating screed tool works intensely in the construction of floors and leveling of concrete slabs with which -according to the vibrating screed type- rustic or fine finishes are achieved, depending on the needs of the project.

The compact and lightweight design of the vibrating screeds is special for covering long surfaces, a feature that makes it a useful tool in projects of different scales, easy to maneuver and not very complicated to move.

In the video below, Mike Day Concrete introduces the audience to “How to get a flat floor using a vibrating concrete power” based on experience.

Other Types of Vibrating Screed Machines and Features

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A vibrating concrete screed machine can be classified into three main types (All are for concrete surface vibrating), according to their purpose and differentiating characteristics:

1. Vibratory Truss Screed

It consists of a design of a series of eccentric weights on a shaft, driven by a motor at one end and supported on a tethered frame.

On the side of the modular screed, where the tethered units can extend up to even 25 meters, they are self-propelled and their structure, in general, is made up of steel or aluminum.

This type of vibrating screed is mainly used to remove the surface imperfections of the concrete slab. Due to its dimensions, it is highly demanded large-scale construction projects, such as highways, airports, bridges and squares.


  • It is a robust and powerful machine.
  • It is ideal for demanding jobs where it is required to cover large areas.
  • Ideal for applications on roads, bridges and highways.
  • It is easy to maneuver and uncomplicated to move.
  • It is divided into sections until the desired length is reached.

For truss screed, we have already had a detailed introduction about what is truss screed, how to use it and buying guide.

2. Laser Screed

Laser screed concrete equipment represents yet another option for laying and screeding concrete. The machine levels the concrete using a mobile screed with sensors that are guided by a laser beam. The width of the screed, as well as the reach of the arm that extends it, depends on the model.

Its main advantage is its performance which allows larger areas to be worked with greater ease than using a common vibrating concrete screed. Being a very versatile piece of equipment, it allows the job to be completed in less time.


  • It is used for industrial constructions of large areas.
  • This machine has the ability to compact and level concrete up to 20% more than a conventional vibrating screed.
  • A laser screed saves up to 35% more working time.
  • This machine has been rated 50% more efficient than a conventional machine.
  • The laser system can ensure the smoothness and leveling of the surface effectively.
  • It can vibrate up to 4,000 times per minute, guaranteeing a homogeneous compaction of the concrete.

3. Vibrating Roller Screed

This is another type of vibrating concrete screed. Vibrating roller screed has a screed in the form of a roller or long tube, which you can get in different dimensions and with a single roller or with several rollers. These machines are often used especially for road construction.

The operation of this machine consists of putting pressure on the pavement and although these rollers are available with vibration, they also exist without vibration.


  • Easy to use machine and leaves the cement surface very smooth.
  • Available with one or more rollers.
  • Available with or without vibration included.
  • Economic model.
  • The machine requires almost no maintenance.

It should be noted that there are models of vibrating screeds with an electric or gasoline motor, which can be chosen according to the power and the required work autonomy.

vibrating roller screed

How To Use It

A vibrating concrete screed is not difficult to use. Next, we will share its step by step uses:

It is always advisable to turn on the vibrating screed only when it will be used; i. e., turning it on too early will cost you unnecessary money.

You must pay attention to the position of the handles so that its handling is as comfortable as possible when working the concrete.

So that the blade does not touch the concrete, it will be necessary to keep the top blade of the screed at a certain distance from the concrete screed since you must put the power screed about a quarter to three fourth throttle.

While the vibrating screed is running, you should pull it back gently and avoid pulling it back too quickly. Pay attention to your ends to avoid getting out of the concrete and the machine follows a straight line. If the ends do not touch the concrete, there is a risk of creating a deformity on the surface.


It is said that the concrete in which a vibrating screed has been used is better because the use of a vibrating screed makes it possible to densify the concrete mass, this makes it improve its compressive strength. On the other hand, because the concrete has fewer voids, it is prevented from entering substances that can damage and corrode the reinforcing steel. Also, without a doubt, aesthetically, they give concrete surfaces a better finish.

Have you taken note? Together we can build safer and quality works! Therefore, if you need machinery to carry out large, medium or small floor smoothing projects, a vibrating concrete screed cannot be missing from your list of tools.

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