Automatic Wall Chaser Machine

Automatic Wall Chaser Machine

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HKHC-2000 is an advanced automatic wall groove cutting machine. Its maximum cutting height can reach 4m, the cutting track can be rotated 180 degrees, can cut different angle slot.

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About this product

Hkhc-2000 automatic wall chaser machine is an advanced automatic grooving machine. It automatically grooves wiring and water pipes in a variety of brick and concrete walls with just a few buttons. The machine track can be rotated 180 degrees and can cut not only vertical but also horizontal and angular slots in the wall. The machine is equipped with dust removal system, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff and reduces manpower input.

Hkhc-2000 automatic wall chaser machine

Wall Type

wall brick

The fully automatic grooving machine can easily cut almost all types of brick walls. It is extremely efficient and saves time and manpower.

Speed adjustment knob

Speed Adjustment Knob

Notice For Concrete Wall

For very hard concrete walls, the machine can only be cut vertically, as there is no speed governor on the transverse track.

Cutting Width & Deepth


The machine is equipped with a wall chaser machine that can cut up to 28mm wide and 45mm deep slots. If you need to cut wider grooves, you can also choose our other types of wall chaser machines.

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Hkhc-2000 automatic wall chaser machine


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