What is a Laser Screed? and Why Use It?

Concrete laser screed is used for concrete screeding in large areas. Currently, many countries have expressly stipulated that this kind of machine shall be applied in some necessary concrete paving and screeding projects. This is because the ground produced by this machine has higher ground flatness, and its density of concrete is also much better.

As a professional contractor, are you interested in the laser screed machines? In this article, I will provide expert advice and answer the following questions in detail:

  • What is a laser screed
  • What are its types and features
  • What is its range of applications
  • Why use a laser screed

Through our discussion, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the laser screed machine.

Now, let’s delve straight into the topic!

what is a laser screed
S840-2 Laser Screed

What Is a Laser Screed

The laser screed is used in the concrete flooring industry to level large areas of wet concrete more efficiently and accurately. Depending on laser technology, this levelling machine can not only ensure that large concrete floors maintain a high degree of flatness but can also create surfaces with specified slopes or gradients.

The laser screed works by projecting a laser grid onto the working area. Sensors on the screed head detect any deviation from the grid. The computer-controlled system then adjusts the height of the screed head to compensate, ultimately ensuring a level surface.

Laser screed technology solves the challenges of large or complex concrete surfaces. It can eliminate human error, reduce the need for formwork, speed up the workflow and produce a more consistent and more durable finish. All of these benefits make it a significant advancement in the construction industry.

ev850-2t laser screed
EV850-2T Walk-behind Laser Screed

Types And Advantages

There are three main types of Laser Screed products: small walk-behind Laser Screeds, medium ride-on Laser Screeds and large boom Laser Screeds.

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Surprisingly, there’s little difference in precision and construction efficiency between these three types. The main difference is in the number of people required to operate them.

Ride-on laser screed: Auger saves labour

The ride-on laser screed is equipped with an auger for automatic concrete delivery, thus saving labour. The walk-behind screed usually requires two operators to manually discharge the concrete during operation.

Auger of ride on laser screed
Auger of Ride-on Laser Screed

Boom laser screed: More than just an auger, powerful operation included

Before levelling concrete with a laser screed, the concrete needs to be spread. Both walk-behind and ride-on laser screeds typically need to keep the concrete within 1cm of the designed grade. The boom-type laser screed, on the other hand, has a more robust performance; in addition to an auger, its initial spreading requirement is within a 5cm range, saving even more labour. For even greater labour efficiency, we’ve launched a new product, the Laser Concrete Rake, which allows initial concrete spreading to be done mechanically.

Hiking Boom Laser Screed
Hiking Boom Laser Screed

Walk behind laser screed: Versatility and more applications.

The walk-behind laser screed is the most versatile because of its smaller size and lighter weight. It’s more manoeuvrable on relatively small job sites. And with wide tyres, the walk-behind screed can drive over narrow mesh reinforcement. We have also introduced an even smaller battery-powered laser screed suitable for more confined spaces.

For more detailed differences in the use of these machines during construction, refer to the comparative chart in our other article, “Laser Screed Concrete Flooring


The Laser Screed machine is primarily used for levelling large areas of concrete in construction scenarios. These include large industrial workshops, large marketplaces and other commercial environments. The machine uses laser-guided technologies to precisely screed or level concrete at exactly the same height over the entire area. The result is a flat and highly accurate concrete surface that can’t be achieved using conventional methods.

Laser screed machines improve productivity, the flatness of the concrete surface and overall site efficiency. They are renowned for delivering flatter, stronger and more level floors, surpassing the results typically achieved with conventional methods.

what is a laser screed
Concrtete Laser Screed is Working

Why Use a Laser Screed

Although laser screeds are more expensive than other types of concrete screed machine, the return on investment is well worth it. Here are six reasons:

Increased screed efficiency

With these machines, you can achieve a laydown rate in excess of 300 square metres per hour and a daily workload in excess of 2,000 square metres, Concrete vibration and Levelling are both done in one operation. significantly increasing screeding efficiency.

Reduced formwork

Laser screeds use an automatic levelling system that ensures high quality surface evenness during construction. Only a few formworks need to be set up along the perimeter of the site each day, reducing formwork set-up by more than 50%.

Reduced labour input

As mentioned above, the use of laser screeds not only increases construction efficiency and reduces formwork setup but also minimises the number of workers and shortens construction times.

Better screed surface levelness

For large-scale concrete paving, laser screeds are virtually the only solution for achieving ultra-level surfaces. In fact, the levelness error of the wet concrete floor after screeding can be as little as 1mm.

Easy construction of large areas with gentle slopes

Laser screeds have a unique advantage when it comes to paving sloping concrete floors, especially for large areas with gentle slopes.

Excellent advertising for your business

In many countries, laser screeds are not yet commonplace. By investing in laser screed technology early on, you could become the most professional concrete contractor in your area, which could greatly benefit the development of your concrete flooring business.


A laser screed is a professional piece of equipment designed specifically for large area concrete levelling. Using this machine will not only improve the flatness of your concrete floors, but will also significantly increase construction efficiency. After reading this article, you should now have a full understanding of it.

Are you considering the purchase of a laser screed? Or perhaps you still have some questions or doubts? Leave a comment and let’s discuss it further!

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