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When it comes to concrete power screed, it is a useful tool in the construction industry for leveling screeding. It has largely taken the role of the time-consuming man-held screed bars. A concrete power screed can level the surface more effectively than the traditional method. The screed extends the life and durability of the concrete. A common manual push-able concrete screed is capable of flattening an area of less than 500 square meters. It is always recommendable for the sheer finishing for a larger area. Check out some other facts about power concrete screed right below.

Concrete Power Screed

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HIKING concrete vibrating screed machine adopts a lighter body, simple operation and easy to carry. The machine is equipped with an adjustable handle, the length of which can be adjusted according to the height of the operator, making it more comfortable for the operator to use.

Concrete Power Screed

What is a Power Screed?

A power screed is a tool that is used to remove extra concrete in place of a man-powered screed bar. It vibrates to expel air from the concrete, thus increasing the density of the concrete and improving the durability of the concrete floor. Compared to hand tools, it is more effective and efficient.

How to Use?

A concrete power screed is one of the best tools for leveling the concrete of a larger area. It has been designed to be more effective in addition to speeding up processes. They are available in a variety of sizes depending on the application, ranging from a 2×4 hand-driven power screed to a massive vibrating screed.

The vibrating handheld screeds are the most popular form of screed in the market. They come with a frame that is equipped with a vibrating motor. The handle is responsible for the push-pull operation. They are ideal for all types of concrete leveling projects.

how to use concrete vibrating screed

*Before operation, the concrete power skreet is necessary to check that the screws of the power screed machine are intact and tightened.

  1. Use the oil filler to add 100ml of oil to the concrete power screed machine, and a suitable amount of petrol. During use do not wait until the petrol is completely exhausted before adding it, you should replenish it as soon as the amount of petrol is relatively low.
  2. Press down on the plastic suction bulb to draw petrol into the fuel line. Open the dampers of the engine.
  3. Pull the engine starter rope and close the dampers after the engine has started.
  4. Adjust the throttle on the handle to control the speed of the engine and thus adjust the amount of vibration force of the concrete power screed. Once set up, you are ready to work.

Start construction process

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  1. Spread the concrete evenly over the area to be levelled. Measure using a laser level and use a rake for initial levelling to keep the concrete to a height error of ideally around 1cm.
  2. Start the work with the vibrating screed machine. Start by placing the machine near the formwork and vibrating it for a few seconds to make the concrete at the edges of the formwork denser.
  3. By flattening the concrete power machine and pulling it backwards, the first step can be to first level and distribute the excess concrete (or you can just vibrate it flat). At this point the vibration force of the concrete should not be adjusted to a large extent, a slight vibration is sufficient.
  4. After the concrete has been evenly distributed turn on a high vibrating force for levelling, making sure that the vibrating plate is as horizontal as possible during this process. When the concrete stops settling and the air bubbles stop releasing it means that the concrete has been vibrated and compacted. During this process, the vibration force of the vibra screed machine should be kept uniform, and the vibration should not increase or decrease.
  5. After the concrete has been vibrated and levelled, the power trowel can be used for finishing work and the machine should be cleaned promptly after completion to prevent corrosion by the concrete.

Power Screed Vs Power Trowel

The purpose of the power screed and power trowel is different. The power screed is used for leveling the concrete, the power trowel used for finishing the concrete. There are two kinds of power trowels including walk-behind power trowels and ride-on power trowels. Both tools are very beneficial for concrete finishers.

Buying Guide

Hiking machinery is a professional concrete Screed machine supplier, you can buy our Power Screed products. At the same time, we also recommend some of the good quality products on the market for you to choose from.

hiking power screed

Here you can see the details of the three brands for power concrete screeds which is right below.

Wacker Gas Vibrating Concrete Power Screed

This concrete power screed is simple to use and requires little maintenance. The incredible 37.7cc engine of this power screed produces uniform vibration throughout the blade for awesome and clean concrete finishing. Moreover, the labor costs of Wacker’s power screeds are reduced by approximately 75% when compared to traditional finishing methods. Screed boards are also available to go along with Wacker E-Line joists. This power concrete vibrator is perfect for formwork, construction, patching, and other repair jobs. All credit goes to its powerful 5.5 HP Honda engine. It is a perfect hand-held concrete vibrator that can be used to quickly settle concrete by removing air bubbles. Wacker backpack vibrators are specifically designed for backpack use with adjustable backpack straps, superior padding, and a cushion to reduce operator fatigue.

ScreeDemonTM Powered by Honda GX35

This is a power concrete screed developed by MBW that has hit the market. The eccentric is driven by a simple, long-lasting, low-cost rubber isolator in the ScreeDemonTM. The combinations of most screed bars and screed cause irregular vibration along the length of the screed bar. Not only is the concrete subjected to a wide range of vibrations, but the cream level varies from spot to spot along the screed bar. The ScreeDemonTM bar’s back-to-back triangular construction is extremely rigid and reduces variability in vibration transmission. Most of the screeds are bolted to their screed bars. The concrete corrodes hardware threads, and assembling or removing the screed becomes so difficult that screws often do not disassemble it for cleaning or transport.

However, when it comes to ScreeDemonTM, it simply clamps to the specially designed bar. There are no holes to weaken the screed bar. There are no threads to complicate assembly or disassembly. The ScreeDemon is easy to assemble and disassemble in seconds. All the wet screeds are tested by MBW exposed operators to excessive hand/arm vibration. The patented mount retention method of the ScreeDemon allows the use of low durometer isolators without sacrificing operator control. Hand/arm vibration is reduced by 50 to 90% compared to competitive screeds.

MX FuelTM Vibratory Screed

With the ability to pull up to 16 ft bars, 2 hours of runtime per charge with a 12 ft bar, and no gas headaches, MX FuelTM Vibratory Screed provides the most reliable pours and consistent starts. The POWERSTATETM Brushless Motor can pull a 16-foot bar at 9,000 VPM and has a variable speed trigger for maximum control in stiff and wet concrete. The MX FUELTM REDLITHIUMTM battery pack provides instant power with no gas headaches, makes less noise, requires no regular maintenance, and emits no emissions for a safer workplace, outdoors or indoors. You can complete tasks more quickly without sacrificing the power and runtime and all thanks to the push-button start’s rapid power delivery, which also reduces downtime by eliminating the repetitive actions of a pull start.

The MX FUELTM REDLITHIUMTM batteries combine with the battery-powered vibratory screed, offering you the most durable and reliable power for equipment. The MX FuelTM Vibratory Screed can run two motors on one bar for greater mobility, and it can accommodate bars up to 16 feet long without compromising power. In the hardest applications, REDLINK PLUSTM Intelligence guarantees optimum performance and offers overload protection to safeguard your device and battery. Moreover, it is compatible with one key. Using the biggest Bluetooth® community tracking network in the business, you can control and secure your equipment from a computer or mobile device. With the remote lockout feature, you can stop tampering if your screed is ever stolen or lost.


Making sure the concrete is poured evenly and without bubbles is one of the most important aspects of any concrete pouring job. Screeds are used to level the concrete and remove excess material from the top.

Previously, construction workers used a wooden slab to complete this part of the job, which caused numerous problems such as injury, long hours, and rapid fatigue. Power concrete screeds were introduced to the market to solve these issues and complete each concrete pouring job successfully. Above all, they are highly affordable and effective tools for gleaming and leveling the surface.