Concrete Power Screed: A Ultimate Guide For Buying & Using

Should you get a power screed to screed your concrete floors? What is the difference between it and a hand screed?

This guide will answer you these questions:

  • What is power screed
  • Why you need it
  • Buying Guide
  • How to use a power screed

In addition, I have written a purchase guide to help you select the most appropriate products, and explained in detail how to use a power screed.

concrete power screed

What Is It?

A power screed is a concrete flooring equipment used to screed wet concrete in place of a man-powered screed bar. It vibrates to expel air from the concrete, thus increasing the density of the concrete and improving the durability of the concrete floor. Compared to hand tools, it is more effective and efficient.

screed a concrete by a power screed

Does Power Screed Make Your Screed Job Easier?

Compared with hand screed, the answer is yes. Mainly when multiple people cooperate with the construction, two workers use concrete rakes in front of the initial leveling. The operator walks behind and pulls the machine in the back of the leveling work. And you can choose wider power screed boards according to the specific project. Power screed can make construction many times more efficient.

Below video from Mike Day concrete, a well-known concrete blogger. He explains the question based on his over 40 years experience. Mike Said:”If you want to get into doing floors, power screed is probably you know one of the most important tools you want to have”

Buying Guide

The commonly used power screeds are petrol-powered and battery-powered, both of which have their own features.

Gas-powered (Honda Power Screed)

The Honda GX35 is undoubtedly the best engine for power screed. It has a lower failure rate and lasts longer than other gasoline engines. In the process of pouring, the machine failure will bring big losses. So if you are a professional concrete contractor with commercial use, we recommend you choose a Honda engine to get consistent quality.

The main quality Honda power screed suppliers are Marshalltown Shockwave, Allen Engineering Magic Screed, MBW ScreeDemon Honda GX35 Power Unit, Multiquip DSGPULW Duo Concrete Screed, and Wacker Neuson P 35A.

Battery Power Screed

Lithium battery power screed has been used more and more in recent years. Its main advantages are low noise, zero emissions, and no need for regular maintenance. But it has less vibration than the gas type and just colud last up to two hours on a single battery. General battery after a year will occur attenuation; purchase cost use cost is much more expensive. Therefore, it is more suitable for indoor Spaces with noise and emission requirements.

Battery power screed suppliers’ main products are Milwaukee MX FuelTM Vibratory Screed, and MBW ScreeDemon Powered by Battery.

DIY (Build A Power Screed)

If you are a DIYer, there is no commercial use. You just want to get a homemade power screed to finish concrete slab in your home at a very low cost. Our best and simplest suggestion is to make a vibrating board out of flat wood with a handle and an electric vibrating motor.

If you have a Honda gx35 (or any other engine like it) lying around, we’ve got a $380 DIY solution for you. The solution includes the VB300 machine frame and a 4ft aluminum screed board, which you can use by mounting the engine on the frame.

Do your need a quality concrete power screed?

Hiking machinery is a professional concrete Screed machine supplier, and you can choose our products for the best cost performance:

How To Use A Power Screed?

Concrete power screed has been designed to be more effective to speed up processes. Depending on the application, they are available in various sizes, ranging from 4ft to 12ft. Here we will explain how to use it in detail.

how to use concrete vibrating screed


*Before operation, the concrete power skreet is necessary to check that the screws of the power screed machine are intact and tightened.

  1. Use the oil filler to add 100ml of oil to the concrete power screed machine and a suitable amount of petrol. During use, do not wait until the petrol is completely exhausted before adding it. You should replenish it as soon as the amount of petrol is relatively low.

  2. Press down on the plastic suction bulb to draw petrol into the fuel line. Open the dampers of the engine.
  3. Pull the engine starter rope and close the dampers after the engine has started.
  4. Adjust the throttle on the handle to control the speed of the engine and thus adjust the amount of vibration force. Once set up, you are ready to work.

concrete vibra screed for sale


  1. Spread the concrete evenly over the area to be leveled. Measure using a laser level and a rake for initial leveling to keep the concrete to a height error of around 1cm.

  2. Start the work with the vibrating screed machine. Start by placing the machine near the formwork and vibrating it for a few seconds to make the concrete at the edges of the formwork denser.
  3. By flattening the concrete power machine and pulling it backward, the first step can be to first level and distribute the excess concrete (or you can just vibrate it flat). At this point, the vibration force of the concrete should not be adjusted to a large extent. A slight vibration is sufficient.
  4. After the concrete has been evenly distributed, turn on a high vibrating force for power screed concrete, making sure that the vibrating plate is as horizontal as possible during this process. When the concrete stops settling, and the air bubbles stop releasing, it means that the concrete has been vibrated and compacted. During this process, the vibration force of the vibra screed machine should be kept uniform, and the vibration should not increase or decrease.
  5. After the concrete has been vibrated and leveled, the power trowel can be used for concrete troweling work, and the machine should be cleaned promptly after completion to prevent corrosion by the concrete.


Making sure the concrete is poured evenly and without bubbles is one of the most important aspects of any concrete pouring job. Power screeds vibrate the concrete and remove excess material from the top. Our article is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the machine.

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