ZD14 Folding Work Platform (55″x14″ Tabletop, 27-45″ Height)

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The ZD14 Folding Work Platform is a versatile, steel-made workbench designed for welding, metalworking, and various DIY projects. This folding platform stands out with its unique 2-in-1 design and sturdy construction. Unlike aluminium work platforms, the ZD14 is more durable and robust, offering better resistance to heavy loads and wear. Key features include an adjustable height of up to 45 inches, durable steel construction, and multifaceted practicality. The platform supports up to 1,100 pounds and is equipped with convenient stake holes and a grooved tabletop for exceptional stability and versatility. It’s easy to set up, safe and comes with four smooth-rolling wheels for convenient transportation and use. These functionalities enhance work efficiency while providing users with convenience and safety.

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Product Overview

With years of industry experience and advanced technology, HIKING Machinery has earned a respected reputation in the construction and hardware equipment manufacturing sector. Choosing the ZD14 Folding Work Platform means selecting a high-performance product and a reliable brand.


Platform Size55 in. x 14 in.
Platform Height28 in to 43 in. with 4-inch adjustment increments
Thickness of tabletop1.2mm
Load Capacity1100 lbs. when evenly distributed
MaterialAlloy Steel
Hole center distance2.6-inch (65mm)
Post Hole Size11/20-inch (14mm) Diameter
ApplicationWork platform/Welding table/Scaffold/Step ladder
ComponentsFour casters & Oversized eye bolt

Work Platform & Welding Table 2-in-1 Work Surface

This versatile workbench can be used as a welding station or metalwork table, as well as an independently adjustable stepping platform, reaching heights of up to 45 inches. Its multifunctional design meets various working needs, significantly enhancing work efficiency.

This robust steel welding table features a 55 x 14-inch galvanized tabletop equipped with 11/20-inch diameter holes and slots for various mounting and clamping points. The convenient fixing and operational environment, along with four wheels for easy transportation, make it suitable for projects of all sizes, significantly improving work efficiency and adaptability.

ZD type Work Platform

Durable Construction, Versatile Practicality and Easy to Set Up

Made from sturdy and durable steel, the ZD14 workbench can withstand up to 1,100 pounds. Its excellent durability ensures stability under heavy loads, adapting to various complex tasks and providing lasting and reliable support to users. Unlike aluminium work platforms, the ZD14 offers superior strength and resistance to deformation.

 The platform is equipped with convenient stake holes and a grooved tabletop. It improves the level of welding projects and is also suitable for car washing, window cleaning, decorating, painting, general maintenance, and various DIY projects. Its flexible design is ideal for multiple task requirements, greatly enhancing work efficiency.

 Setting up the ZD14 is straightforward; squeeze the two long actuators beneath the platform to release the adjustable legs, with heights ranging from 27 to 45 inches in 1-inch increments. Locking pins and screws provide extra safety measures, ensuring peace of mind during load-bearing tasks.


Easy to Transport and Portable Scaffolding Platform

 Equipped with four smooth-rolling wheels, the platform is easily moved between different work sites. Whether for indoor or outdoor tasks, its portability ensures the tool is always ready for use, significantly improving work efficiency and convenience.

The ZD14 is suitable for hard-to-reach tasks like wall painting, gutter cleaning, and RV roof maintenance, supporting up to 1,100 pounds. When weight is evenly distributed, the platform offers a flexible working solution, with locking pins and screws enhancing safety. The legs are independently adjustable with a 4-inch height adjustment range.


Choosing the ZD14 Folding Work Platform gives you a high-quality product that combines efficiency, safety, and convenience, bringing significant ease and support to your work.


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    Weight 18 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 400 × 250 cm


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