Electric Wheelbarrow On Sale In Canada

HKPB360 electric wheel barrow for sale in canada hot selling
HKPB360 electric wheel barrow for sale in canada hot selling

Welcome to Canadian customers interested in purchasing our electric powered wheelbarrow. Launched in 2023, the HKPB360-RC electric wheelbarrow is a versatile dump cart with remote control, optional hydraulic lift and a compact structure for easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces, ensuring outstanding safety. Powered by two brushless motors and four-wheel drive, it efficiently transports up to 500 kg over uneven terrain. We offer a two-year warranty and free delivery for buyers in Canada and welcome your enquiries and purchases.

Loading Volume: 117*780*30CM / 500kg

Sale Price: $6,800.00 $3,800.00 (Free Delivery In Canada & 2-year Warranty)


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Product Overview

Unmatched Safety: Remote control for safe, distant operation, minimizing the risk of tipping injuries. Equipped with an electromagnetic brake system, HKPB360-RC electric power wheelbarrow offers high safety, including steep slope parking and descent control.

Higher Load Capacity and Longer Battery Life: Powered by a 48V dual battery system, it ensures over 8 hours of operation. The dual brushless motors provide strong power with a maximum load of 500 kg. An optional 1-ton hydraulic rod for automatic unloading is available.

Compact and Agile: With dimensions of only 117x820x870cm and zero emissions, it navigates through tight spaces, including indoor corridors and elevators, making it an ideal aid for various commercial transport needs.

Strong Terrain Capabilities and Flexible Operation: The dual brushless motors and four-wheel drive allow it to traverse complex terrains and climb slopes easily. It’s highly maneuverable with the ability to turn 360 degrees on the spot.

Premium Quality: Our actions speak for our quality. We offer a two-year warranty on the powertrain for our Canadian customers, providing free spare parts and repair guidance for any non-man-made faults during this period.

Specifications Of HKPB360-RC Electric Wheelbarrow

Machine size117X82X87cm
Maximum load capacity500kg
Maximum speed10km/h
Battery model48v20ahx2
Motor typeBrushless Motor
Remote control distance200m
Drive mode4×4 drive
Working hours8-10h


Who Are We?

We are a globally renowned construction equipment supplier, offering high-value products worldwide. We are fully prepared to provide top-notch service to our Canadian customers purchasing the HKPB360-RC Electric Wheelbarrow.

Payment & Transportation:

Canadian customers can pay via credit card or wire transfer. We test and ship the wheelbarrow to the port within five business days. Due to the inclusion of batteries and hydraulic systems, we currently offer only sea freight, which takes approximately 35 business days for delivery.

After-Sale Service:

We provide a two-year free warranty (excluding man-made faults) to our Canadian customers. During this period, we promptly ship free replacement parts for any quality-related issues and offer guidance for resolution.


If you need to know more about the machine, Please leave your contact in the below from, We will contact you in 24 hours.

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    If you want to know more about this machine, Please leave your contact in the below form, We will contact you in 24 hours.

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