Rental Of Concrete Laser Screed Machine

As a new type of concrete paving and leveling equipment, concrete laser screed machine has been recognized by more and more floor practitioners. Because its price is much higher than that of traditional concrete screed equipment, some contractors will choose to rent the laser screed machine. HIKING co.,ltd. will specifically analyze some problems and matters in the lease of concrete laser screed machine.

I. Why would anyone rent a concrete laser screed machine?

There are mainly the following kinds of people renting concrete laser screed machine:

1. Some contractors do not specialize in the concrete contracting work. In some occasional cases where there are some parts of the main project that need concrete leveling, these contractors will choose to rent laser screed machines.
2. Many clients are engaged in concrete contracting business, but not many buyers in their regions and countries. So they want to rent one machine and then may buy it if they are satisfactory.
3. At present, many design schemes of concrete leveling projects clearly state that the laser screed machine must be used to in leveling , and if some contractors do not want to buy it, they need to use it.

HIKING Concrete Laser Screed
HIKING Concrete Laser Screed

II. who are engaged in the business of leasing laser levelers to the outside world?

1. Most of the contractors engaged in leasing the laser leveling machine are professional in concrete ground engineering.
2. Some commercial concrete producers will also provide rental services due to their more contacts with concrete contractors.
3.Some professional construction machinery renters.

III. it appropriate to rent or buy laser screed machines when they are needed?

1. Some contractors (especially the first kind of people who need to rent machines mentioned above) feel that they are not professional. Occasionally, one or two concrete leveling projects are not worth purchasing a laser screed machine directly. In addition, considering their little understanding of the operation and use of laser screed machine, they will lease the machine directly. But if the area of the project is large, HIKING Laser Leveling co.,ltd. also recommends that you buy one. For example, if you conduct a concrete leveling project of 5000 square meters, The leasing method is the simplest one at present, that is, the leaser provides the machine, the fuel used by the machine and a machine operator. Most of the rents are based on square meters, and the lowest rent is 4 US$㎡. In this way, you will have to pay 20,000 US$to buy a walk behind laser screed. And this only covers the rental of the machine, the rest of the template and labor costs also need to be paid. So this 5000 square meters project is enough to save you the cost of another walk behind laser screed. Some clients here will have questions about the difference between large and medium-sized laser screed machines and walk behind laser screeds. See Wlak behind Laser Screed for Sale / Mini Laser Screed for details.

HIKING Walk behind Laser Screed Machine
HIKING Walk behind Laser Screed Machine

2. In addition, laser screed flooring is still a new industry in many countries, and even some countries have not yet provided leasing services for laser screed machine. If you have a concrete laser screed machine, you can have a greater advantage over other traditional concrete contractors so that you can get more contracting opportunities for such projects. Even if you don’t want to engage in such projects, leasing a laser screed machine is a good opportunity to gain benefits.
3. Of course, you will think using laser screed machine for concrete leveling may be too difficult. You don’t need to worry about that because advanced equipment will be more simple than the traditional one. We will provide you with professional guidance to ensure that you can master the operation of laser screed machine. Here you can see our machine installation and operation guide for customers:

Installation method of the walk behind laser screed machine

Setup Method Of The Walk Behind Laser Screed Machine

IV. Rental Price of Laser Screed Machine

I believe that this is one of the most important concerns of most people. The contract price of 4 US$㎡mentioned above is not a fixed standard, because the specific costs are different in different countries and regions. HIKING’s products have been sold in more than 20 countries around the world. If you really decide to rent this machine, want to know the specific rental price, or you want to know more about the laser screed machine. Please fill in your contact information below. We will recommend local clients who have purchased the machines or explain the details of the machines for you.

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