Installation Of The Walk Behind Laser Screed Machine

Notice: No flammable stuff are allowed on the ship when transporting the walk behind laser screed machine, so there will be no engine oil(and gasoline) in the engine when you receive it. You will need to fill it up with 15w-40 type of air-cooled engine oil. If you don’t have that kind of engine oil, you can also use other types of air-cooled petrol that can be used on a gasoline generator, but it has to be AIR-COOLED type of petrol. The amount of engine oil for this machine is 0.6-0.8L.

1.The operation panel of the walk behind laser screed machine

operation panel of teh walk behind laser screed

Operation panel of teh walk behind laser screed

1 Lifting Button of the Left Push Rod
2 Lifting Button of the Right Push Rod
3 Lifting Button of the Leveling Head ( big middle push rod)
4 Automatic Button (automatic leveling by controlling the leveling system)
5 Vibration Button
6 Machine Forward and Backward button
7 Left Turning Button
8 Right Turning Button
9 Walk Speed Control
10 Key Switch
11 Walk Start Button
12 Emergency Stop Button
13 Emergency Stop Button
1 Power Indicating Lamp
2 Start Indicating Lamp
3/4 Emergency Stop and Fault Indicating Lamps

2. The startup method of the walk behind laser screed (in the video 05:02-05:25)

a. Open the machine key, open the engine throttle, pull the starting rope of the generator, start the engine and close the throttle.

Engine throttle

Engine throttle

b. After the engine starts, click button 12 (power switching button), light 1 turns on and leveling head control system is available (button 1/2/3/4/5 is available).
c. Then click on button 11 (walking start switch), light 2 turns on and walking steering system is available (button 6/7/8/9 is available).

3. Plug device on wheels of the walk behind laser screed machine.

As the picture shown below, there is a bolt device on the wheel of the walk behind laser screed machine. When the plug device goes down, the wheel is fixed on the power system of the machine and only when the power system moves, the wheel will move. When the plug device is lifted, the motion of the wheel is not controlled by the power system, and you can drive the machine to walk freely.

Wheels of the walk behind laser screed machine

Wheels of the walk behind laser screed machine

4. When choosing between the wide wheel and the narrow wheel, you should be fine with the narrow wheel most of the time except when you are running the machine on the double-layer steel mesh. For the normal single layer steel mesh, the narrow wheel should work fine.

5. Others

a.The new walk behind laser screed machine usually changes the oil within 50 hours, and then every hundred to every 130 hours.
b.The transmitter and receiver are strictly prohibited from falling.
c.It is better to wipe a layer of waste oil on the leveling head before the machine is used so that it will be convenient to be clean it up later.
d.After using the walk behind laser screed machine, please clean up the remaining concrete in time.