HIKING Walk behind Laser Screed Machine

The walk behind laser screed machine is a small concrete laser screed machine developed by our company. The weight of the whole machine is only 320kg. Equipped with two pairs of tires (solid narrow and hollow wide tires), Easy to work on cast-in-place floor double-layer steel mesh. The weight of the machine is convenient for machine transfer, and a large amount of lifting costs can be saved during transportation.


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The walk-behind laser screed machine is electrically driven to drive two wheels, so that the wheels can move independently without affecting the leveling head. The integrated leveling head design integrates multiple processes such as leveling, leveling, paving, and vibrating, and is completed by the machine at one time. Improve efficiency and save labor. Adopting foreign imported vibration motor, the vibration frequency reaches 4000 times per minute, which makes the ground compactness higher, greatly reducing the problems of large ground cracking construction joints.

ev850-2s walk behind laser screed machine

The laser system at the core of the laser screed uses the imported Leica laser transmitter and receiver, setting the elevation, and paving the whole area in a large area without the need for a template. Effectively reduce the ground error, the ground flatness can be within 1MM. The machine uses the Honda GX200 air-cooled four-stroke OHV engine, which features low fuel consumption, stable performance and low maintenance costs. The high work efficiency and construction speed are fast. The construction area per hour is more than 300 square meters, and the daily workload can be 2500-3500 square meters. Greatly shortened the construction period. We are equipped with cleaning equipment, which washes the concrete of the fuselage after construction, keeps the body clean, ensures the precision of the machine, and thus prolongs the service life of the machine. Choose a walk-behind laser screed, choose hiking!

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