HKZXC-10 Concrete Dumper (4×2 Type)

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The HKZXC-10 Concrete Dumper is an efficient assistant for transporting concrete. The machine is equipped with an oversized 750L bucket, with an effective payload capacity of 1500kg, providing excellent transport efficiency. The machine adopts rear-wheel steering and is powered by an 18 horsepower water-cooled diesel engine, offering good operational flexibility and passability for use in construction sites with complex terrains.

Loading Volume: 750L / 1500kg

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Product Overview

A concrete dumper is a vehicle engineered specifically for hauling large quantities of materials, typically found in construction sites. These small site dumpers function optimally in transporting lower volumes of materials over short distances. They are favored for their simplicity of operation, minimal turning radius, and suitability for tight spaces. Dumpers find applications in several areas such as construction, factory floors, battlefields, road protections, city infrastructure projects, underground mining, and more.

The vehicle’s drive mechanism is located at the front axle while the rear axle handles the steering, powered by a diesel engine at the rear. The special axle load distribution allows significant climbing ability and excellent stability, with swinging capability at the rear axle. Boasting a reasonable load and capacity, it is light, rugged, maneuverable, and flexible with a nimble turning radius. Its operational ease, fuss-free maintenance, and low-road surface requirements make it suitable for usage in narrow paths and conditions, further supplemented with unique features such as gravity hydraulic discharge and hydraulic return bucket. Thus, it is a versatile tool widely used across sectors and an effective partner in various tasks.

  • The specially designed concrete chute facilitates the transportation and dumping of concrete.
  • The oversized 750L bucket with a 1500kg effective payload results in excellent transport efficiency.
  • It is powered by an 18 horsepower water-cooled engine, which is reliable and with a lower failure rate.
  • A 4×2 front-wheel drive, rear wheel steering along with four gear positions, ensure simple and flexible operation.

Specifications Of VB301 Honda Power Screed

Loading Mass (Kg)1500
Bucket Capacity (m³)0.75
Maximum Speed (Km/h)23
Minimum Turning Radius (m)4
Maximum Climbing Degree21
Engine ModelWater cooled diesel type
Engine Power (hp)18
Tire(Front) 7.50-16/(Rear) 5.50-16

Product Usage

Applicable to a wide range of settings, the HKZXC-10 Concrete Dumper is ideally suited for construction projects with complex terrains such as urban construction, infrastructure development, and commercial building erection.

In addition, it is especially beneficial in worksites that require frequent movement or rotation of large volumes of concrete. It successfully streamlines the process of transportation, conveying, and dumping of concrete, making it a versatile and valuable participant in various types of concrete transportation projects.



The HKZXC-10 Concrete Dumper is a large piece of equipment, and we are unable to provide customs clearance services for it. The dumper can only be transported to your nearest port by sea shipment, where you will need to handle customs clearance procedures on your own.

What kind of after-sales service is provided?

Our HKZXC-10 Concrete Dumper comes with a free six-month warranty and a lifetime service at cost. If any non-manmade faults occur within one year, we will provide free spare parts by mail. After the warranty period, we remain committed to helping you solve issues, only charging for part and shipment costs.


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    Weight 2000 kg
    Dimensions 360 × 200 × 200 cm


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