HKZK-430 Overhead Drill Machine


Hkzk-430 overhead drill machine is our latest ceiling drill machine. The machine uses compressed air to provide power and can automatically drill holes in the ceiling. The maximum drilling height can reach 39’/12 meters (also could be customized according to your needs). It not only can save a lot of manpower but also greatly improve construction efficiency and construction safety.

* This price includes a shipping fee of US$400, and we will use DHL to mail the product to you. If you can accept sea transport, there will be a certain discount on the price. Please inquiry us, if you need the sea transport price.

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This machine does not contain air pump and hammer drill, you need to prepare (or purchase) it loacaly. An ordinary air pump can drive this machine. Hammer drills need to be purchased plug-in type, battery hammer drills do not support this ceill drill machine.

Other types Overhead Drill Machine

Welcome to purchase our overhead drill press. The minimum drilling height for this product is 2 metres and the maximum is 4.3 metres.If it meets your needs, you can purchase it directly online.  If you require a different height, please leave your contact details in the form below and we will recalculate the price and shipping costs for you.

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SKU Minimum Drilling Height Maximum Drilling Height Cylinder Lift Stroke
HKZK-430-1 200CM 430CM 80CM
HKZK-430-2 220CM 520CM 120CM
HKZK-430-3 300CM 700CM 150CM
HKZK-430-4 330CM 800CM 200CM
HKZK-430-5 500CM 1000CM 200CM

overhead drill machine overhead drill machine for sale 4.3m overhead drill machine


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