RT330 Tracked Wheelbarrow, 2200lb. Remote Control, Electric Powered

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Introducing the RT330 Tracked Wheelbarrow, the electric wheelbarrow designed to address the pain points of traditional hauling tools: the challenge of carrying loads over complex terrain. What sets it apart is its advanced treads and remote control technology, which ensure safe and effortless transport of heavy items, even on slopes as steep as 50 degrees. This powered wheelbarrow boasts a dual 750w (1500w) brushless motor system, giving it a formidable carrying capacity of up to 2,200 lbs (1 ton).

Manufactured by the reputable HIKING Machinery, the RT330 track wheelbarrow promises high quality and reliability. Operation is simplified with a 5-speed electronic throttle for smooth control and features a 48V 240Ah large-capacity battery paired with a 6000w gasoline (212cc / 5.5hp engine) range extender, eliminating range anxiety. Simplifying what would typically require complex manual controls, the RT330 outperforms traditional gas-powered vehicles with its ease of use. Moreover, it offers superior cargo capacity with its 100x140cm flatbed hopper, accommodating various transport tasks with ease.

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Loading Volume: 2200lbs / 1 ton

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Product Overview

HIKING Machinery is renowned for its excellent manufacturing processes and precise attention to detail. Understanding customer needs and concerns for industrial-grade transportation tools, we’ve introduced the RT330, a product that encapsulates efficiency, safety, and convenience.


Load capacity2200lbs/1000kg
Power750w brushless motor x 2
Track model182*72*41
Track width18cm
Walking system5 speed adjustable / 0 degree turn
Remote control distance200m
Maximum climbing angle50°
Battery capacity240A 48V
Engine power6000W


  • Track Design: The RT330’s treaded structure provides exceptional ability to traverse complex terrain smoothly, whether over rugged ground or steep inclines up to 50 degrees.
  • Remote Control Operation: Operate from a safe distance using remote control to minimize potential risks during transport.
  • Dual 750w Brushless Motors: Equipped with a twin motor design for potent power delivery, enabling the RT330 to boast a load capacity of 2,200 pounds, surpassing its competitors.
  • Five-Speed Electronic Throttling: This feature allows for precise speed control, ensuring a smoother operation tailored to varying speed requirements.
  • Large-Capacity Battery and Range Extender: With a 48V 240Ah battery in combination with a 6000w gasoline range extender, it efficiently converts gasoline to electricity, providing long-lasting and stable power support to solve any endurance issues.
  • Elimination of Complex Controls: Unlike traditional gas-powered tools, the RT330 simplifies operation, avoiding complex physical controls, reducing operational difficulty, and enhancing safety.
  • Large Flatbed Hopper: The spacious 100x140cm hopper design affords ample space for transporting a variety of items, significantly improving work efficiency.

Product Usage

The RT330 Tracked Wheelbarrow has an extensive range of applications, ideally suited for construction sites, farms, gardens, or any setting that demands the transportation of heavy objects. Its track design ensures stability over uneven or soft terrains, such as muddy paths or sandy areas, making it perfect for transporting materials on construction sites. For farmers, its robust load capacity is invaluable for hauling large volumes of produce or tools. In gardening, the RT330 excels with its ability to easily transport soil, fertilizer, pots, and other horticultural supplies. With user-friendly remote operation, it’s suitable for users of all ages, providing an efficient yard maintenance solution for private homes. Overall, the RT330 Tracked Wheelbarrow is a versatile, efficient, and safe transport tool, ideal for a variety of heavy hauling tasks.



We can only transport it via sea freight for larger equipment like the electric wheelbarrows. The delivery time varies for different countries. Please consult with us for specific details.

What kind of after-sales service is provided?

Our RT330 track wheelbarrow comes with a free 1-year warranty and a lifetime service at cost. If any non-manmade faults occur within one year, we will provide free spare parts by mail. After the warranty period, we remain committed to helping you solve issues, only charging for part and shipment costs

    Weight 400 kg
    Dimensions 150 × 120 × 100 cm


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