2 Wheel vs 1 Wheel Wheelbarrow: How to Choose

There are different types of wheelbarrows on the market, some with two wheels and some with one wheel. So, 2 wheel vs 1 wheel wheelbarrow, how should we choose?

If you’re looking for a quick answer, I would definitely recommend the dual wheeled ones. But does this mean one-wheeled wheelbarrows are entirely worthless?

Absolutely not. I’ll answer all these questions in this article. Include:

  • How they work
  • 2 wheel vs 1 wheel wheelbarrow: comparison
  • How to use them

Let’s get start!

2 Wheel VS 1 Whee Wheelbarrow

How They Work

A one-wheeled wheelbarrow works on the principle of three-point balance – the front wheel and your arms control the balance when stationary. When using it, you must continually apply forward thrust and predict its tipping direction to maintain balance. Maneuvering a single-wheel wheelbarrow can be physically demanding and anxiety-provoking for beginners.

On the other hand, a 2 wheel wheelbarrow, with its four-point support, eliminates the need to maintain side-to-side balance. Just lift it, push forward, and you’re good to go. Typically, dual wheeled wheelbarrows also have a larger carrying capacity.

2 Wheel vs 1 Wheel Wheelbarrow: Feature Comparison


While we have hitherto extolled 2 wheeled wheelbarrows, does this mean one-wheelers don’t have any merits? Contrarily, single-wheel wheelbarrows do have their advantages, albeit fewer. Below we have created a table to compare these two wheelbarrows in detail:

AgilityThis is arguably one of the scant advantages of a single-wheeled wheelbarrow. Its turning radius is relatively smaller in narrow spaces, making it more agile. However, this is true when transporting lighter items due to difficulty maintaining balance under heavy loads.
Physical ExertionUnquestionably, 2 wheel wheelbarrows are a more energy-efficient alternative.
Load Capacity2 wheel vs 1 wheel wheelbarrow generally can carry considerably more weight than their single-wheel counterparts. If you use it as a simple garden dump cart, 1 wheel wheelbarrow maybe do the job.
Ease of UseFor beginners, maneuvering a single-wheeled wheelbarrow with heavy cargo can be daunting due to the required effort and the challenge of maintaining balance.
PriceGenerally, the price differential between similarly sized single and double-wheeled wheelbarrows from the same brand isn’t significant—though the two-wheeled variants are usually slightly more expensive.
Safety2 wheel (vs 1 wheel) wheelbarrows are not easy to tip over.

How to Choose

Unless you’ve got specific needs or preferences, 2 wheeled wheelbarrows are often the better choice. Especially for transporting heavier items, such as those used as a contractor wheelbarrow to transport construction materials or often used by gardening enthusiasts to transport dirt.

Always consider your purpose and discern the barrow’s quality during your purchase. One does not necessarily need a large-capacity wheelbarrow for domestic tasks. In contrast, a compact wheelbarrow is easier to store and can even be hung in your shed. Opt for a size that meets your needs.

In terms of quality, pay attention to the material and design. Wheelbarrows are available in plastic or metal. Yet, I recommend the metal models, especially with metal handles, as they’re sturdier. When possible, try to check the barrow firsthand. Ensure the handle is comfortable and suitable for height. As for the wheel, industrial-grade, rubber, and air-filled options are more durable.

Other Better Choose

Consider our latest remote-control wheelbarrow if you’re looking for an even more effortless solution. These four-wheel-drive powerhouses, powered by high-capacity batteries, boast larger weight loads and improved safety.

HIKING remote control wheelbarrow is hot selling. If you want to know its specific data or want to buy it, please check our product page.


We’ve highlighted the operational mechanisms and strengths for 2 wheel vs 1 wheel wheelbarrow. We’ve also noted the single-wheel barrow’s agility in narrow spaces. However, two-wheelers boast advantages in physical energy conservation, higher load capacities, easy usability, and overall safety when carrying heavy loads. Therefore, unless you have unique circumstances dictating otherwise, we recommend opting for a dual-wheeled wheelbarrow.

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