How To Make a Concrete Curb [5 Best Ways]

Concrete curbs are built on the sides of roads to collect water and transport it to collection points. And it can strengthen the road edge and make it more beautiful.

So now we know what is a concrete curb!

A concrete curb is a short wall installed to hold the pavement from the sides and act as a barrier between the yard and the street. It is often constructed in conjunction with a gutter. A flat concrete slab drains water away from the yard. Concrete curbs serve practical and functional applications, including adding landscape design beauty, providing a root barrier, and assisting in trimming time and reducing edging.

Different types of concrete curbs include Straight or Barrier curbs, which effectively create a barrier to prevent tires from riding up onto the curb and help protect pedestrians along the side of the road.

Do you want to find the best way to build a concrete curb? Below, we will introduce five ways, including:

  • Forming Concrete Curb
  • Concrete Curb Trowel
  • Concrete Curb Installation By Pavers
  • Curb Roller Machine
  • Concrete Curb Machine

You will have a detailed understanding of our explanation.


Forming Concrete Curb

This construction method can be used if you do not have high requirements for aesthetics and firmness. You can set up the formwork and then pour it with concrete. This construction method is easy, but the construction efficiency is also very low. There is no beautiful edge, and it is easy to crack, so this method is suitable for narrow sidewalk or some homemade DIY concrete curbs.

Concrete Curb Formwork
Concrete Curb Formwork

Concrete Curb Trowel

For smaller projects, curb trowel can be used for pouring concrete curbs. When using this tool for construction, concrete with a low slump is required. The curb made by this tool has a good appearance, but the construction speed is slow. There are fewer types of curb trowel available on the market, so there are fewer curb styles to make. Curb trowel is also suitable for small and DIY curb construction, for example a sidewalk or driveway curb.

concrete curb trowel

Concrete Curb Installation By Pavers

Installing curb pavers is more convenient and easier to maintain than pouring concrete curbs. There are no cracking problems. During curb construction, you only need to place pavers in the planned position. You can choose different types of pavers to create an aesthetically pleasing edge. You can buy ready-made ones at the market or use moulds to make your own. This kind of curb is also very simple to maintain. If there is damage, you just need to replace the broken pavers. It is suitable for all types of road curb construction.

concrete curb pavers

concrete curb molds for sale

Do You Want To Make Your Own Concrete Curb Pavers?

HIKING Machinery is proud to introduce our high-quality concrete curb molds, expertly crafted to produce various shapes and sizes of curbstones and pavers. These concrete curbing molds are designed not only for efficiency in production but also to exceed similar products on the market in terms of quality and durability. Our molds feature a greater thickness and excellent durability, allowing for multiple uses and thereby reducing production costs.

Curb Roller Machine

Concrete curbs can be made by installing special custom drums on concrete roller screeds. This way, the construction efficiency is higher and can be customized according to the drum shape. Roller screed also has many uses, besides building curbs, it can also level concrete slabs and concrete slopes, etc. In addition, its investment cost is also low, suitable for general concrete contractors to use. The disadvantage is that curb roller machine cannot be formed at one time, and it needs to be finished with a trowel after forming.

concrete curb roller

Concrete Curb Machine

This kind of machine is specially designed to make concrete curbs. It is highly efficient and can produce high-quality curb. Its mould can be changed to make different shapes. Although this machine can produce a very strong curb, it also has some disadvantages. It’s not a diy concrete curbing machine, it is relatively large in volume, the price is also very high, and the continuous curb damage repair is also relatively complicated. So it’s usually used for some high-grade road edge.

conrete curb machine


Through our introduction, I think you ready have a understanding for the concrete curbs building method. The five methods range from home DIY and small pouring to large projects. You can choose the best method to make your curbs.

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