HIKING® Copperhead Laser Screed For Sale

Copperhead laser screed for sale

What Is Copperhead Laser Screed

Copperhead laser screed, also called walk behind laser screed, looks like Copperhead with the wider flat head in front and the small and slender body behind. At the same time, this type of laser screed mobile is very flexible and has very strong adaptability like Copperhead. So it’s called Copperhead laser screed.

Copperhead laser screed for sale
Copperhead Laser Screed

Three Advantages Of Copperhead Laser Screed

1. Copperhead laser screed is widely used, because It is very light in weight and both wide and narrow wheels can be changed. For example, put on some thin double or single steel meshes, large machines may bend these steel meshes, but copperhead laser screed will not be alright. In addition, copperhead laser screed is relatively smaller, which can be applied to some relatively narrow concrete leveling projects. Copperhead laser screed is also known as the “versatile laser screed” because of its wide application.

2. Maintenance of Copperhead laser screed is very simple because of its simple structure and the modular design. It is the first type of laser screed products developed by our company. After so many years of development, the technology has been very mature and the leveling effect and quality are also world-class.

3. Copperhead Laser screed is highly cost effective. At present, copperhead laser screed is the cheapest in the laser screed family and enjoys good quality.

Copperhead Laser Screed Products

Operation of Copperhead Laser Screed

Compared with ride on laser screed, copperhead laser screed needs to eliminate the errors by workers. Generally speaking, the operation is very simple. Within three to five minutes after proficiency, the machine can be set up. See:

1. Installation method of the walk behind laser screed machine

2. Setup Method Of The Walk Behind Laser Screed Machine

Leveling Effect of Copperhead Laser Screed

From this video you can see the leveling effect of the cooperhead laser screed.

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