L30 Platform Cargo Lift For Van & Pickup Truck

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The L30 Platform Cargo Loading Lift Truck is designed to revolutionize the way you load and unload goods onto vans or pickup trucks. Functioning independently as a flatbed transport vehicle, it also features an integrated lift mechanism. This mechanism raises the cargo to the height of the vehicle, and then, with its built-in slide rails, you can effortlessly push the cargo into the vehicle. This process can be easily managed by a single person. The machine is foldable, compact, and portable. Powered by hydraulic push rods, it has a load capacity of up to 350kg, with options to customize for greater load capacity and lift height according to your needs.

Load capacity: 300kg / Size and load capacity can be customized

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  • Innovative design for simpler transportation and lifting of goods.
  • Hydraulic push rod technology for enhanced lifting capabilities.
  • Customizable options for lifting weight and trolley dimensions to meet specific requirements.
  • Powered by a high-capacity lithium battery for extended endurance.
  • High-quality slide rails that are durable and make pushing easier.

Datasheet of L30 Platform Cargo Loading Lift

Platform size100x70cm120x70cm
Maximum lifting height80cm98cm
Platform height from ground18cm18cm
Lifting weight350kg350kg
Truck size125x70cm145x70cm

Product Usage

The L30 Platform Cargo Loading Lift Truck, with its innovative design, is ideal for a wide range of applications, including on-site loading and unloading for vans and pickup trucks. It is particularly useful for industries such as logistics, warehousing, and retail, where quick and efficient transfer of goods to and from these vehicles is essential. In the construction industry, it facilitates the easy movement of materials directly from the vehicle to the site.

Its adaptability is also invaluable for event organizers and service industries, where equipment often needs to be transported and set up in various locations. The truck’s ability to adjust to different vehicle heights and its powerful lifting mechanism make it perfect for loading and unloading vans and pickups in these scenarios.



For larger area equipment, we can only transport it via sea freight. The delivery time varies for different countries, please consult with us for specific details.

What kind of after-sales service is provided?

The L30 platform cargo loading lift truck comes with a free 1-year warranty and a lifetime service at cost. If any non-manmade faults occur within one year, we will provide free spare parts by mail. After the warranty period, we remain committed to helping you solve issues, only charging for part and shipment costs.


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    Weight 80 kg
    Dimensions 150 × 50 × 120 cm


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