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power screed for sale

Hiking machinery supplies high quality concrete power screed to customers worldwide. We carefully manufacture and strictly test to provide you with unbeatable cost performance. All machines are equipped with Honda engines and screed boards can be supplied in various sizes. Now offering a great discount, welcome to your inquiry!


If you have any questions about the following concrete vibrating screed, please leave your contact information and questions, we will reply you within 24 hours.

VB301 Power Screed (Honda Engine / Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Blade)

The VB301 power screed is a must-have tool for concrete pouring projects. Its light construction and reliable Honda engine make it a favorite among equipment rental companies and constructors. The vibrating screed makes pouring large amounts of wet concrete effortless and helps you achieve a professional finish quickly, all while providing a comfortable ergonomic position. The design is simple, perfect for wet concrete leveling, and features a hardened aluminum blade for a smoother finish compared to conventional screeds.









12ft cement power screed



DIY Parts


VB303 Power Screed (New Type)

The world’s first belt drive power screed, without any shaft break risk. Multiple shock absorption, operating handle vibration than other products to reduce more than 30%. More comfortable operation. Powered by a reliable Honda gx50 4-stroke engine, larger vibration module to improve vibration efficiency. Optional 4-12 ft blade bar.




Custom Screed Blades

In addition to the sizes provided above, we can customize power screed blades for you in any size up to 20ft.

Other Type Vibrating Screed (Hot Sales)

Battery Laser Power Screed

ELVES 130 super screed is the smallest laser screed in the world. It usean Ultra-shot body desin, the body length is only 130cm, the weight is only 100kg. More flexible and smaller turning radius, can be used in various pouring projects include small and large area.

Vibratory Truss Screed

Hiking truss screed uses a central rotating shaft to drive an eccentric block. The resulting great vibration force is used to level and compact concrete. Widely used in various road leveling projects.

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