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concrete power screed for sale

Concrete power screed is also known as vibrating screed, vibra screed, power float screed, vibrating concrete screed, vibra strike screed and concrete power skreet. It is the most common machine used in the construction of concrete floors or concrete slabs. This machine vibrates to expel air from the concrete, thus increasing the density of the concrete and improving the durability of the concrete floor. Compared to hand tools, it is more effective and efficient.

HIKING concrete vibrating screed machine adopts a lighter body, simple operation and easy to carry. The machine is equipped with an adjustable handle, the length of which can be adjusted according to the height of the operator, making it more comfortable for the operator to use. Hiking concrete vibrating screed can be used for all types of concrete construction work, pavement work and bridge work. It is easy to operate, highly efficient and effective in construction. Now offering a great discount, welcome to your inquiry!


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In addition to power screed, we can also provide you with a more widely used power roller screed. If you are interested, please check: Hiking Spin Screed For Sale. There we will also made a detailed comparison between vibrating screed and roller screed.

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ZPC226 concrete vibrating screed vs zpc338 power screed

How To Use Concrete Power Screed

*Before operation, the concrete power skreet is necessary to check that the screws of the power screed machine are intact and tightened.
1. Use the oil filler to add 100ml of oil to the concrete vibra screed machine, and a suitable amount of petrol. During use do not wait until the petrol is completely exhausted before adding it, you should replenish it as soon as the amount of petrol is relatively low.

2. Press down on the plastic suction bulb to draw petrol into the fuel line. Open the dampers of the engine.

3. Pull the engine starter rope and close the dampers after the engine has started.

4. Adjust the throttle on the handle to control the speed of the engine and thus adjust the amount of vibration force of the vibrating screed machine. Once set up, you are ready to work.

how to use concrete vibrating screed

Start Construction Process Of Concrete Power Skreet

1. Spread the concrete evenly over the area to be levelled. Measure using a laser level and use a rake for initial levelling to keep the concrete to a height error of ideally around 1cm.
2. Start the work with the vibrating screed machine. Start by placing the machine near the formwork and vibrating it for a few seconds to make the concrete at the edges of the formwork denser.
3. By flattening the concrete vibrating machine and pulling it backwards, the first step can be to first level and distribute the excess concrete (or you can just vibrate it flat). At this point the vibration force of the concrete should not be adjusted to a large extent, a slight vibration is sufficient.
4. After the concrete has been evenly distributed turn on a high vibrating force for levelling, making sure that the vibrating plate is as horizontal as possible during this process. When the concrete stops settling and the air bubbles stop releasing it means that the concrete has been vibrated and compacted. During this process, the vibration force of the vibra screed machine should be kept uniform, and the vibration should not increase or decrease.
5. After the concrete has been vibrated and levelled, the power trowel can be used for finishing work and the machine should be cleaned promptly after completion to prevent corrosion by the concrete.

concrete vibra screed for sale

Application Scope Of Power Screed Gauge

The hand-held vibration power screed is mainly used to level the cement, concrete and other ground in the construction of construction site and highway, to discharge the air in the concrete, to level the concrete ground, and to enhance the density of the concrete.

Structural Principle Of Vibration Screed:

The vibration level ruler adopts the shock absorption connecting shaft to transmit the power to the eccentric block. The centrifugal force of the eccentric block is used to make the vibrating ruler vibrate continuously, leveling and grouting the concrete .

Main Features Of Vibration Concrete Screed

The machine adopts high-quality engine, which has the characteristics of stable power and long service life.

The vibrating plate of the concrete power screed machine is made of wear-resistant aluminum magnesium alloy, which has the characteristics of long service life and light weight.

The height of the handle can be adjusted according to your needs, and it is appropriate to personnel of various heights .

The handle adopts shock absorption design, safe and comfortable.

It can be equipped with vibration platefrom 1 to 6 meters, which is suitable for various concrete vibration engineering.

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