New Concrete Spreader Machines Save up to 90% Labour

In the world of concrete pouring, there’s a constant quest for new ideas that can help get the job done faster and more affordably, all while maintaining high standards of quality. Guess what? There are two fresh and efficient concrete spreader machines that have truly shaken things up when it comes to how concrete is spread.

These concrete spreading machines are here to make things easier on the workforce and make the whole process more efficient. They’re perfect for contractors, no matter the scale of their projects.

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What is a Concrete Spreader?

The main purpose of the concrete spreader is to evenly distribute a mound of mixed concrete over a specific area. This is crucial for creating a solid foundation for pouring more concrete. Additionally, it helps make the surface somewhat level, which is an important step before moving on to the concrete screeding process.

Traditional Way – Handled Concrete Spreader Tools

The handled concrete spreader is a classic tool for spreading concrete in construction work. You can find versions with a steelhead, wooden handles, and all-aluminum models that are lighter to use. Nevertheless, these manual cement spreader tools rely on human effort to get the concrete spread, which can be quite demanding, especially on big construction sites.

Now, here’s the catch. These handled concrete spreader tools also struggle to keep everything level compared to the newer automated laser concrete spreader rakes. This fancy new technology makes sure the concrete is spread more evenly.


2 New Concrete Spreader Machines – save up to 90% of Labor Input

Now, let’s look at two types of efficient cement spreader machines that can help you save a significant amount of investment.

Laser Concrete Spreader Rake Machine


Introducing the laser concrete spreader rake machine – a game-changing tool- makes waves among contractors seeking efficiency, cost savings, and top-notch concrete spreading.

This remarkable machine takes concrete spreading to a whole new level thanks to its cutting-edge laser technology. Picture this: the concrete gets initially spread using this laser spreader machine, achieving a flawlessly level surface. And that’s not all – if you want a supremely even floor, you can follow up laser screed flooring or useing a power screed, which outperforms manual methods.

The impact of the laser concrete spreading machine on your large construction ventures is significant. It dramatically slashes the need for manual labor, reducing labor input by as much as 90% compared to traditional approaches.

And the best part? This advanced laser concrete leveling machine comes with a competitive price tag, so you can enjoy its perks without straining your budget. Get ready to revolutionize your construction projects with this powerhouse machine.

laser concrete rake

Laser Concrete Spreader Rake For Sale

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Power Concrete Spreader Rake Machine

The power concrete spreader rake machine serves as a mechanical spreader specially crafted for the initial step of distributing concrete. It’s fueled by an engine, which enables it to move forward or backward automatically while the operator guides its direction, ensuring an even spread of the accumulated concrete.

Although using a concrete pump truck is the preferred method for achieving consistent concrete distribution, there are situations where these trucks can’t conveniently access the site for gradual discharge. In such scenarios, the only option is to pour the concrete into piles, followed by manual raking to spread it uniformly. However, using a handled concrete spreader tool for this task demands significant labor and time investment.

Enter the power concrete spreading rake, which simplifies the concrete spreading process. This reduces labor needs and cuts down the time required for construction projects. This machine offers a lower price point and enhanced maneuverability compared to the laser concrete spreading machine.

power concrete rake for sale

Power Concrete Spreader Rake For Sale

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The arrival of the laser concrete spreading machine and power concrete spreader machine in the construction field has made a big difference in terms of labor, efficiency, and the quality of concrete surfaces. By potentially reducing labor requirements by as much as 90% while still achieving excellent outcomes, these innovative concrete spreaders point to a promising future of technological progress in construction. This means you can wrap up projects with greater speed and effectiveness.

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