First, the construction of the laser screed machine can greatly reduce the labor cost of the construction side, and the mechanical efficiency is far greater than the artificial efficiency The traditional construction requires nearly 20 people to carry out the construction site template (channel steel), management and laying, and complete a flat area of 700 square meters per day. However, the use of laser screed flooring construction, first only a skilled worker to operate, saving nearly half of the human costs. Secondly, the speed and efficiency of using the leveling machine is higher every day, and the area of nearly 25,000 to 3,000 square meters can be completed in one day.

hiking laser screed machine4

hiking laser screed machine4

Second, the flatness and integrity of the construction using the laser screed is much higher than the traditional manpower construction. In the traditional square method, almost all workers use construction tools to leveling the cement concrete roughly, and then use rollers and scrapers to leveling repeatedly. Not only that, in terms of formwork and watering during construction, the workers can only be separated one by one to construct, very troublesome, can not always work. As a result, the integrity of the construction site is very bad, and the accumulated errors of construction joints are easy to cause. With the laser screed, the entire area can be paved in a large area, making the work leveling higher. The high frequency vibration of the machine can also make the ground reduce the error accumulated in the construction joint, and it is more even and dense.

Thirdly, the laser screed has small errors due to its point-to-point alignment. Because it can control the elevation in real time, there is no need to pull the control line, which avoids errors caused by vibration and blockage during manual construction. The traditional construction requires the workers to use the support template to control the elevation, and the need to pull the wire to control the level, so that the flatness of the entire construction site is very bad.

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