power roller screed

Hiking Machinery is a professional roller screed supplier. There are 4 types of roller screed, battery type, gasoline type, battery type and hydraulic type which can meet the different working conditions in the Ireland.

Price, Roller Striker Tubes & Shipping To Ireland

Roller screed is suitable for all types of concrete paving works. It does not cause excessive vibration to the concrete. It can make the aggregate distribution of the concrete more uniform, resulting in a more durable concrete surface. Roller screed is also the best construction equipment for pervious concrete construction and concrete slope construction.

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DPJ-300D Electric Type

980.00 USD / 1,006.00 EUR

GPJ-300Y Gas-Power Type

1,600.00 USD / 1,642.00 EUR

DG-200L Battery Type

2,100.00 USD / 2155.00 EUR

GPJ-300H Hydraulic Type

5,600.00 USD / 5,745.EUR

After-sale: We offer our Ireland customers 1 year free warranty on the above products, and after 1 year we offer you a cost warranty.

Roller Screed Tubes

We suggest that you buy steel pipes locally as roller tubes. Our end pipe adapters fit 114mm diameter steel pipe with 2mm wall thickness. If you use other types of steel pipe, we can also customize the plug for you according to the type of steel pipe (There will be a 200USD / 205 EUR customization fee). And you can also choose our connectable concrete roller tube system.

Connectable Concrete Roller Tube System

You can choose from our connectable roller Tube system, which can be combined into different lengths according to your needs. You can also buy the roller tube locally, we can customize the tube plug for your pipe size.

Shipping to Ireland

Discount: Now we offer free shipping (By sea) to customers in Ireland!Plus 300.00 USD /308.00 EUR can be upgraded to air freight. The price include all cost and the machines will be sent to your door.

* Please note that hydraulic rollers and connectable concrete roller tube system cannot be shipped by air, because hydraulic rollers contain liquids that do not meet air shipping standards. The connectable concrete roller tube system is extra long for air transport.

Delivery: It takes 45-50 working days for sea transportation; Airfreight takes about 15 working days.


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