laser screed for sale in uk

We welcome customers from the UK to purchase our laser screed machines. Currently we have import agents in the UK to help you import our laser screed machine.

For the sale of our laser levelers in the UK, customers are most interested in several issues:

How about the leveling effect of our laser screed for sale in uk?

First, our laser screed machine uses Leica’s laser system with a system accuracy of 1mm. Second, we have a very deep technical accumulation. After more than ten years of improvement and optimization, the mechanical system and electronic control system of our machine have reached a good match (our chief designer Mr. Wu Yongzhen from 2005 Started the design and research and development of laser screed machine, designed and developed China’s first high-precision walk behind laser screed machine and the first articulated ride on laser screed machine. Currently these two types are the largest sales in China). The third, you can use the following work videos to learn more about the leveling effect of our products.

How to buy our laser screed in the UK?

At present, we have import agents in the UK who help our customers to handle import procedures. They can arrange the transaction process for you and safely transport the machinery to your hands. Our import and export agent only provides you with relevant import services, not a professional mechanical agent, so there is no profit in the middle to ensure that you can get the best price.

Product quality and after-sales service in the UK

The main accessories of our machines are all purchased from world-famous manufacturers. The quality is very good. There will be no major failures in two to three years. You can learn more through the following product introductions. We will also equip you with some accessories based on our past experience. At the same time, our company has one year of free after-sales service. If there is any failure in the machine within one year, we will mail you the relevant accessories for free by courier at the first time.

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Laser Screed In UK Products and Price

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