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Concrete power float is also known as concrete power trowel, concrete float machine and concrete helicopter machine. It is one of the most common machines in concrete flooring project. It is small in volume, light in weight, suitable to be used in various concrete slab project of both large area and small area, especially in concrete flooring projects that takes up small area or the construction area is close to edge. HIKING manufactures various types of power trowel, The machine has the characteristics of high speed and high efficiency. Factory direct sales, price concessions, global shipment, Now waitting for your inquiry.

Hot Selling Power Float

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  1. K100 concrete power float is the latest power flat that we developed in 2020. The machine uses Honda or Palton engine to supply power. It is equipped with our newly produced fast cooling aluminum case reducer, it has longer service life. This type of machine is one of the models we also suggest you to choose.
  2. W100 power float machine is the first professional concrete leveling machine that Hiking developed, it is also the hottest sale power trowel product of Hiking. The machine uses high-performance aluminum case reducer, it is equipped with Honda or Palton engine, which makes it perfectly stable and durable. Frame of the machine has two types one is chromium plating, the other is powder coating, both of them can against corrosion of concrete and increase service life.
  3. Compared with other walk behind power float, W60 mini power trowel can burnish concrete that close to edge of wall or template. It saves labor and enhance working efficiency. The machine is equipped with high-performance reducer, it has higher rotation, it can be folded, and convenient to be taken. It is widely used in various concrete leveling projects.
  4. P100 is equipped with Honda or Palton engine and our newly developed fast cooling reducer, meanwhile it uses weighted machine frame, it has better compacting effect.

Hiking company also produces high-quality ride on power float, if you are interested, please check: Ride On Trowel For Sale

Video Of Concrete Float Machine

Purpose Of The Concrete Float Machine

Power float machine is the latest polishing machine for the roughness and fineness of concrete surface. It is able to make the construction surface much smoother and greatly improve the compactness and wear resistance of the concrete surface. It can greatly increase work efficiency by more than dozens of times compared with manual work. This machine is widely used in concrete pavement, floor, airport, floor, etc.

Where To Use Power Float

Power float can be widely used in various kinds of concrete flooring projects and concrete slab project. It is small in volume, compared with ride on type its application area is wider, it can be used in small area and sites that large machine is not convenient to get in. Power float is an indispensable machine in concrete flooring projects. It is widely used in residence community, business center, warehouse, port and airport.

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Why Use Power Float And How To Use Power Float Machine

Power float can significant enhance your construction efficiency. Compared with manual trowel work, it has better compacting effect. Floor made by power flat has better intensity and durability.

Operation of power float is very easy, compared with ride on power float, it has a better sight, operator can adjust position of the trowel according to working condition. As ride on power float is too heavy, if driver is not experienced, it will cause the floor uneven, generally this situation won’t occur to walk behind power float.

Main Structure And Working Principle Of The Concrete Float Machine

This range of four-blade power screeds adopt direct worm gear reducer to transmit power, providing large reduction ratio, high efficiency and compact structure. The structure of the machine is shown in the figure. The gasoline engine drives a worm gear box through a triangular belt so as to rotate the smear and achieve smoothing. Worm wheel drive has the advantages of large transmission torque, durability, stability and uniform speed.

The greatest advantage of thr power trowel machine is that it can be used in two ways, rough and fine. Rotating the handwheel can adjust the angle of the smear to achieve rough or fine wiping.

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