Power trowel rental is an option for many contractors who work for concrete flooring work. This article will explain the power trowel rental prices and considerations, and will analyze the current state in the rental industry of such machines for you. Concrete power trowel machine is widely used in concrete floor construction, no matter it is a large area concrete flooring project or a large factory warehouse floor. The price is not very expensive, so most of the customers will choose to buy a power trowel to use.

There are also some customers who are not engaged in concrete floor construction for a long time, so they want to choose to rent one to use when they encounter such a project. They will want to choose to rent one to use. There are many suppliers who provide walk behind power trowel rental and ride on power trowel rental in the market. Below we will analyze the issues and common things that you may face while doing the rental of such machines.

power trowel rental

Should You Rent A Power Trowel Or Buy One Yourself

This is a question that many customers will struggle with, but the answer is actually very simple. As we know there are two types of power trowel, one is the cheaper walk behind power trowel and the other is the more expensive ride on power trowel. Of course, there are special cases, for example, if you need to finish the concrete floor and the area is not very big and you only need to use the machine once, you can rent one. For example, if you want to diy your own concrete yard or concrete path and use it for a day or two to complete your small project, you don’t need to buy one to occupy your warehouse. If you are looking for a ride on power trowel, i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to buy one. The reason for this is that the customers who use the ride on power trowel have been working with concrete floors for a long time, and the rental price of the ride on model is not cheap. If you have concrete floors to work on regularly, you should of course buy one for yourself. In addition, the quality and the price of our ride on power trowel are very good. If your rental period is longer, it is even cheaper to buy a machine than to rent one.

Rental Price

Usually walk-behind power trowel rental price is 60.00 usd – 100.00 usd/day; ride-on power trowel rental price is very different due to the huge difference between the various types. Usually ride-on power trowel rental price will be above 150.00 usd/day.

Concrete Power Trowel Rental Supplier Technical Support

Some other customers go for renting power trowel to use the main reason because they don’t particularly know how to use power trowel. So they think that they can get technical support from the supplier when they rent the machine, and it will be more convenient for them to use it. In fact, there is no need for customers to worry about this problem because power trowel is a very simple machine and the way to use it is also very simple. Also the supplier of power trowel will provide you with the technical support, so there is no need to worry about the use of power trowel at all. Our blog also explains in detail how to trowel concrete.

how to rental a power trowel

Other Issues Related To Concrete Power Trowel Rental

Key Reasons Affecting Power Trowel Rental And Purchases

The above example is a data-based economic analysis of the rental and purchase of equipment in an ideal, specific environment. However, in the real world environment, there are many uncertainties as to which way to operate to get the best economics. This requires consideration of the following factors.

  1. If the economic life of the purchased equipment is not less than its useful life, such equipment can be achieved throughout the life cycle of certain economic benefits, good maintenance, maintenance can also extend the life of the case, the purchase is certainly more economical; on the other hand, when the economic life is much less than the useful life, in this case, leasing may be the best choice.
  2. If the local power towel rental industry is highly marketized, competitive, and leasing has a major advantage, the construction equipment required for project construction can be obtained to the greatest extent possible in the local area; instead, it is more affordable to purchase.
  3. Leasing is advantageous if the investment and operating costs of acquiring the fixed assets of the power trowel exceed the full total cost of the equipment to be paid by leasing; acquisition is more advantageous instead.
  4. Impact of leasing or acquisition on the progress, quality and cost of project performance. The rapid development of modern science and technology, upgrade quickly, the purchase of equipment often leads to shorten the technical life, reduce efficiency, the progress of the project, construction quality is difficult to guarantee, not economic, and the use of leasing form can be to some extent to avoid this situation.

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Analysis And Comparison Of The Business Process Of Leasing And Purchasing Machinery And Equipment

Economic efficiency is an eternal rule in business activity, and this is true for power trowel construction companies as well as for concrete trowel machine rental companies. The construction company in the business process, if you buy equipment, the investment in the beginning, the income in the latter, while leasing machinery and equipment, investment (rental payments) and income are in the business process. It is because of this difference that the capital investment of a construction company is distributed differently over time, and due to the time value of money, two different ways of doing business result in different economic benefits. An analysis of the economic benefits of the two different ways of doing business is used to obtain the optimal decision between leasing and buying. We assume that a construction company needs to purchase a machinery and equipment worth 1 million yuan (life cycle of 5 years, excluding salvage value) to complete a construction contract for a period of 5 years, the machinery and equipment is expected to earn an annual profit of 300,000 yuan, the company requires a rate of return of 12%.

  1. purchase of machinery and equipment business process calculations: P = 100 (million); i = 12%; n = 5 (years); A = 30 (million) according to the present value of annuity coefficients and net present value formula, the present value of PW1 is: PW1 = A (P / A, i, n) – P = 8.12 (million) > 0, stating that the purchase of Machinery and equipment to engage in the project’s construction contracting business plan is feasible, and at the required rate of return (i=12%), a profit of 81,200 yuan can be obtained.
  2. lease machinery and equipment business process calculation: from the above analysis can be seen. Construction enterprises to buy the machinery and equipment to operate is feasible, profitable, but not the optimal choice? Might as well make another calculation of the business process of leasing machinery and equipment, assuming that the construction company can rent from the leasing company to the same machinery and equipment (value of 1 million yuan), the leasing company requires a return on investment of 10%, the payback period of 5 years, excluding salvage value, assuming that the leasing company requires the payment of rent in the form of uniform rent (equal annual value), the end of the payment, the 5-year annual At the end of the year, the construction company should pay rent A, then: A = 100 (A/P, i, n) = 263,800 (million yuan). Construction enterprises leasing machinery and equipment to operate, the same year-end profit of 300,000 yuan, and also pay rent to the leasing company 26.38 million yuan. The current value of PW2 is: PW2 = a (P/A, i, n) = (30 – 26.38) (P/A, 10%, 5) = 13.72 million yuan. PW2 = 13.72 million yuan > 0. This shows that it is feasible to lease institutional equipment to operate, and in accordance with the required rate of return to make a profit obviously PW2> PW1, namely It means that leasing machinery and equipment can generate more profit than buying machinery and equipment. Similarly, PW1>PW2 buying machinery and equipment is better than leasing; PW1=PW2 buying machinery and equipment is equivalent to leasing. The decision on how to make the best profit depends on the budget of the plant construction company and the prevailing environment.


A power trowel rental is an easy thing to do, but you need to consider clearing your own needs. As we said above, if you are a professional concrete contractor I would recommend you buy one yourself. But you just have a little DIY project to do, you can indeed rent one. Also in the article we have analyzed in detail the investment and income of this equipment rental industry so that you can have a systematic understanding of power trowel rental.

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