How To Use Power Trowel: When To Start, Choose & Adjust Blades, Operation Method

Power trowel is one of the most common equipment in concrete floor construction. It is convenient to operate with a high construction efficiency, its working efficiency is dozen times as manual operation machine. Now there are two types of this kind of machine including ride on power trowel and walk behind power float in the market. Operation of those two machines is somewhat the same, but also different. Many concrete contractor do not well know about those two machines, now we will detailedly introduce some tutorials of power trowel. Firstly for new learner, both ride on power trowel and walk behind power float are easy to operate. But the purpose we use trowel machine is to finish the floor and make it brighter and smoother, which requires experience. Now we will explain to you in detail according to our experience how to use power trowel and answer some questions you are interested.

everthings about power trowel

When To Start

Different types of concrete have different setting times. Generally the initial setting time of concrete is from 2 to 6 hours, so it is difficult to judge the best time for troweling concrete by time. We can judge according to the depth of the footprint. When the footprint depth is 3mm – 7mm, you can start this work.

footprint - best time for troweling concrete

Preparation Before Use

Before introducing usage method of power trowel, we will introduce preparation and inspection need to be done before using it.

  1. Before using the machine, gasoline or diesel in tank is required to be checked to see if it is enough. And preparing abundant gasoline and diesel according to requirement of construction area, to avoid normal construction is affected due to lack of bunkers.
  2. Before using the machine, fasteners of each machine including screw should be check to see if they are firm, if not it should be fastened before using
  3. Carefully check if engine oil in engine reaches to normal position, if engine is lack of engine oil it should be added to specified position, in case the engine is stopped or troubled in construction.
  4. Use general lubricating oil, adequately lubricate joint of each machinery.

Power Trowel Blade Types

There are many types of blades for this machine, among them round blade and fan-shaped blade is the most commonly used.

power trowel pans

Round blades (power trowel pans) are made of hard and durable manganese alloy, it is used in early stage of trowel work. Its surface is smooth and its proportion is large, it allows machine weight to equably distribute on concrete surface. Its function is to further extrude water in concrete relying on its weight. It takes concrete grout to the surface of concrete floor, and smears concrete grout equably on floor surface, enhances hardness and flatness of floor. Installation of power trowel pan is simple, there is a firm fastener on the position where is contact to trowel machine, you only need put quadrate flabellum of the machine in these fastener

power trowel baldes

Quadrate blade (power trowel blades) are usually made of some pliable manganese steel material, which allow it equable distribute weight of the machine. It is used after round blade after concrete floor is further hardened. Its function is to further extrude water in concrete and smears concrete grout more equably on floor surface. Power trowel blade is fastened by screw, number of screw for different types of trowel machine is different.

Power Trowel Blade Degrees Adjustment Method

It is the most common question for new learner of trowel machine, actually it is easy. Firstly put the machine on the concrete which is to be finished, adjust degree of power trowel blade, stop adjusting when the blade generate manifest indentation. Choose smaller degree when the construction is in initial stage and add degree according to requirement.

Adjusting Trowel Blade - ride on trowel.jpg Adjusting Trowel Blade - walke bheind trowel

How To Operate

Walk Behind Tyoe

Usage of walk behind power trowel is very easy, to control direction of the machine one only needs to control height of hand shank. Detailed operation method: when you need it move to left, you can pull up hand shank of the machine. And when you need it move to right, you can push down hand shank of the machine. The other operation method is: down you hand on right hand shank, and up your hand on left hand shank, the machine will move to right. Down your hand on left hand shank and down your hand on right hand shank, the machine will move to left. Those two operator are very easy ,you can choose one as your habit.


Ride On Type

Operation method of ride on power trowel is also very simple, all movement are conducted by the two operating rods on the machine. When the two operating rods are pushed forward, the machine is move forward, in reverse it will move backward. When the two operating rods are pulled to left or right, the machine will also move to left or right accordingly. When one operating rod is pushed forward the other is pulled backward, the machine will move clockwise or anticlockwise. About two feetboard, one is accelerator footboard, the other is safe footboard. Function of accelerator footboard is to control rotary speed of engine, so as to control running speed of ride on trowel machine. Function of safe footboard is to guarantee safety of operator. When operator’s foot leave from safe footboard, the machine will stop working.


* There are five operating videos, and you can go to his channel to watch the full content.


In general, usage methods of ride on power trowel and walk behind power float are easy to use. Acquisition of how to operate does not mean that you can use this machine to make beautiful floor which needs some experience. So if you want to make perfect floor, you are required to obey some construction standard and practise it often. At last we remind you that no matter whose machine you buy and use, you must pay attention to your safety, operate your machine strictly in accordance with code of practice. We believe that you will be a mater in concrete construction project through experience accumulation time by time.

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