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Concrete Laser Screed For Sale In Australia

HIKING® laser screed machine uses Lycra laser system with excellent concrete leveling effect. Mainly purchased from Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries,its machine accessories enjoy excellent quality and stability. Welcome customers from Australia to consult our products. We’re glad to give you a big discount.

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Can I buy your machines in Australia? (How can I buy your machines in Australia?)

Of course, Australia is a great country with a very free market. The process of purchasing machines from China is also very simple. We’re looking forward to cooperating with more Australian customers. If you have no experience in importing machines from China or do not know the relevant procedures, we can introduce you to the local import agents in Australia and provide you with door-to-door delivery services.

If I buy your machines in australia, how do you provide services?

Our services are mainly divided into two parts:

The first is the after-sales training of using the machine . Our machine operation is very simple, after you buy our machine, we will also specially make a machine operation video for you. In general, you can know very well the use of the machine through the video. At the same time, if you do not know something while using the machine, our customer representatives can also provide guidance for you at any time.

The second is the after-sales service of the machine. We have always attached great importance to the quality of our products, especially those exported. Before the machine is shipped, we will conduct a comprehensive test on the machine to ensure that there are no hidden quality hazards. If there is any malfunction in the process of use, we will send the accessories to you in time, and provide you with online guidance to help you remove the malfunction. At the same time, we will also provide you with a one-year free quality assurance, which means  if any unman- made quality problems occur within one year,we will provide you with relevant spare parts free of charge. So you can safely buy our products.

What is the accuracy of your laser screed machine ?

Normally, if your concrete slump is more well-distributed, our machine can easily achieve flatness above FL40. The whole ground is leveled on the basis of the same height of laser radiation,so  using laser screed machine to leveling concrete can achieve better overall leveling.

Can your machine be used on steel mesh?

At present, our walk behind laser screed can be used on thin steel mesh, while Ride on laser screed can only be used on steel mesh with the diameter of 14 mm and spacing of less than 20 cm.

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