Hiking Machinery specializes in the production of concrete finishing machines including power float and ride on power float. Our products can meet all your requirements for high quality and ease of use. Welcome customers in the UK to purchase our products.
power float for sale in UK
power float for sale in UK

What Is A Power Float

Power float is also called as power trowel and concrete helicopter, It is widely used for finishing work on all types of concrete construction. Its major structure is a trowel rotor, there are four slice of trowel blade on the rotor. Slant direction of trowel blade is the same as that of rotor, trowel blade rotates when gasoline engine drives v belt. It is able to construct 50-100 square meter per hour. It is a preferred tool in concrete construction of high standard factory building, warehouse, parking, square and frame style building.

Hiking Power Float Video

Power Float Products In UK Are you looking for high-quality power float in UK? Hiking machinery is committed to providing high-quality products and services to British customers. Our power float include ride on type and walk behind type, welcome to your inquiry!

Power Float Price In UK

To get more UK customers to use Hiking’s high quality concrete power float, we can also give you a bigger discount on the prices below, please ask for a price for the power float.

Walk-behind Power Float


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