Concrete Roller Striker For Sale

Hiking roller striker for sale

The concrete roller striker can be used for different types of concrete levelling projects and have perfect levelling effects with Less manpower. It is available in different power options to suit all working conditions. The designs, including the connectable roller striker tube and expandable pipe plugs, make your concrete levelling work easy. The whole range of roller strikers is hot selling. Welcome to your inquiry!

Concrete Roller Striker

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Electric Type


Gas Powered Type

$1,300.00 – $1,600.00

Battery Type


Hydraulic Type

$1,800.00 – $5,600.00

Multipurpose roller striker tube


You can choose our patented multi-purpose Roller Striker Tube. It consists of three 2-meter and one 1-meter wear-resistant aluminium pipe and two pipe joints. These tubes can be combined in different widths depending on your needs, up to six meters long.

Customized Services

roller striker tubu plug

Popular custom service: You can buy any diameter Steel pipe locally as a roller Striker tube. We can customize the plug according to the Steel Pipe you purchased.

We are a professional supplier of concrete screed equipment, in addition to the pipe plug customization service mentioned above. You can also put forward other customized requirements according to your own needs. We will specially design roller screed suitable for your projects.


concrete roller striker

What is a roller striker

A roller striker is a machine used for levelling concrete. It has a spinning roller striker tube driven by a power unit. The machine pulls in the direction of travel opposite to the rotation, thus pouring the concrete even and creating a smooth surface.

Why use concrete roller striker

Better effect

Compared to other types of screed machines, Roller Striker brings concrete slurry(Not just water) to the surface. As a result, the water-cement ratio near the concrete surface is much lower. It also doesn’t vibrate all the aggregate to the bottom, which makes the concrete surface more durable.

More uses

As mentioned in the previous article, concrete roller striker is not just used for concrete slab projects. It is also known as the pervious concrete roller screed, widely used in all kinds of pervious concrete construction. At the same time, it can also be used for a variety of concrete slope levelling construction. With some special shape drum, roller strikers can also use it in a variety of gutter, road edge/curb projects.

roller striker hire & price

Some customers want to rent concrete roller strikers, and some suppliers want to provide this service. It typically rents for 150-200 EURO/USD per day. The rental price will be higher if you need special drums and accompanying equipment.

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