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power trowel philippine – Hiking machinery

Are you looking for the best concrete power trowel supplier in Philippines, Hiking Machinery’s products can meet all your requirements for high quality.

Do You Know About Power Trowel?

Power trowel is also called cement trowel machine, concrete finishing trowel machine, it mainly has two types: ride on type and wlak behind type. The principle of the machine is using an engine to drive the blades rotating and finish the concrete floor, so the two most important parts of this machine are the engine and the reducer. When buying a machine, you must buy a big brand engine (such as Honda B&S, etc.). In addition to providing sufficient power to the machine, a high-quality engine has better stability and longer service life. Another core component on the machine is the reducer. Poor quality reducers are slow and prone to failure, and this is the main difference between a high quality power trowel and an ordinary machine.

Hiking Concrete Power Trowel Products List

Hiking is committed to providing high-quality power trowels to customers in the Philippines. Our products include ride on trowel and walk behind power trowel, and the products have very good quality. The machine adopts imported engine equipped with high-quality reducer, you can be sure of the quality of our products.

Power Trowel Price In Philippines

The following products are our selected high-quality power trowels. In order to open up the Philippine market and get more customers to use our machines, we will give you even greater discounts on the following discounted prices. Welcome to your inquiry for the exact price.

On the basis of the following prices, we have greater discounts. If you want to know the specific price, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions for Philippine Customers

A. What kind of after-sales service does the product provide?
1. Before delivery, we will conduct a systematic inspection of the power trowel to ensure it is in a perfect state, and make sure there is no problems after you receive the machine. At the same time, our machines use high-quality imported engines and reducers, which are of very good quality and are not prone to failure.
2. We will provide you with a one-year free warranty and lifetime cost warranty. If the machine fails, we will provide you with accessories and guide you to repair the machine as soon as possible.
3. We will provide you with some spare accessories (for example: throttle cable, spark plug, engine cable reel, etc.) to ensure that failures can be dealt with in time
B. How long will I receive the machine after I buy it?
After you purchase the power trowel, we will ship the goods within three working days. Under normal circumstances, you will receive the goods within fifteen working days. (Affected by the COVID-19, the harvest time may be longer than normal) .

More questions about power trowel? Please leave your questions and contact information in the form below, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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