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Ride On Power Trowel Price & Products

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T80-100 Ride On Trowel Machine

$2,580.00 – $4,300.00
F100 riding trowel

F100 Ride On Trowel Machine


SN-80 Mini Ride On Power Trowel



Ride on power trowel is also called as riding trowel machine, concrete riding power trowel, riding trowel, rider trowel machine and ride on power float. it is widely used in various large area of concrete floor finishing. Our machines are equipped with Japanese Honda and American Platon high horsepower engine to drive reducer of high rotation speed, floor is burnished by two sets of power trowel blades with a high rotation speed. Its working efficiency is generally 5 times higher than walk behind power trowel, and it heavier in weight, so it has a better compacting function to concrete floor. Compared with other method, it allows operator ride on the machine and decreases labor intensity. Hiking is engaged in researching and manufacturing of ride on power trowel machine. Now we have developed three series products including T series, S series and F series, which can meets customers’ different requirements.

Hiking company also sells walk behind power trowel, if you are interested, please check: Power Trowel For Sale

F100 Ride On Power Trowel

F100 Ride on power trowel is a new product with excellent performance launched by Hiking in 2020. This machine lowers the center of gravity on the basis of the original model and has better stability. The body is made of thick steel tube, which significantly improves the machine’s robustness and service life. At the same time, it also makes the machine gain more weight, which can produce better compaction effect on the floor. The machine is equipped with our company’s newly developed aluminum shell maintenance – free plus large reducer, which has extreme stability and durability.

T80-100 Concrete Riding Power Trowel

T series trowel machine developed by us has a high performance cost ratio, the machine use Honda and Platon engine as power, high performance oversize aluminum case reducer, it has good stability and durability. The machine has two sizes to choose including 30” and 36”, both of them have a good price, they are suitable for customers who have lower budget.

Operation Features Of Riding Trowel

Operation method of riding power trowel is very simple, it only has two operating rod. When operator push or pull both of the operating rod, the machine will move forward or backward. When operating rod are pulled left or right, the machine will move to left or right. When one operating rod push forward and another pull backward, the machine will turn around relevantly. Compared with Hiking concrete power float, ride on power trowel has higher efficiency( generally efficiency enhanced more than 5 times), labor investment is greatly decreased. It is more labor-saving for operator to operate riding trowel machine than operate walk behind power float, it decrease labor intensity of operator. Operation of ride on trowel machine is very simple, but if you want to use it to burnish a beautiful surface, the operator is required to be experienced. Because rider power trowel is heavy, if the construction is burnished unevenly it will cause the floor rough.

ride on trowel

Operational Instructions Of The Ride On Trowel Machine

1. Engine pre-operation inspection:

First put the engine on the horizontal ground, unload the nozzle cap or ruler, wipe off the lubricant above, insert the ruler into the refueling port, do not tighten, take out to observe whether the oil level meets the requirements. If the oil level is low, add the recommended lubricant to top the oil filer and re-install the cap/ruler. Note that when the oil level is low, the starting machine will damage the engine. SAE10W-30 lubricant is recommended at ambient temperatures, but the lubricant can be selected according to the average temperature in your area. 90 # gasoline or higher grade unleaded gasoline recommended, for unleaded gasoline can reduce carbon deposition during engine and spark time , and prolong extend the service life of the emission system.

It is strictly prohibited to use old or contaminated lubricants or mixed fuel oils of lubricants and gasoline in order to avoid dust, garbage and cement mixed into the fuel tank.

2. Check whether the emergency switch on the left foot is in good condition. Stepping on the left foot emergency switch, turning the lock type lighter switch, loosening the left foot after starting, if the ride on trowel machine immediately extinguishes, it indicates that the emergency switch works.

3. If the temperature is low, the engine should be preheated first. Turn the lock switch, start the engine to the desired speed, first warm up for 3-5 minutes and then operation begins. The too low temperature and the too high viscosity of lubricating oil can cause bad lubrication and may damage the engine.

4. When the engine stops, turn off the fuel valve first and the engine will continue to run. After the engine automatically extinguishes, loosen the left foot, and then turn off the lock-type lighter switch.

5. Instructions for Direction Operation of Driving ride on power trowel Machine

This machine is easy to operate. After the direction operation is mastered, the operation not only saves labor but also improves labor efficiency.

The specific operation is shown in the following figure:

Move forward or backward

Move forward or backward

Turn clockwise and counter-clockwise

Turn clockwise and counter-clockwise

Move left move right

Move left move right

When both hands hold the handle tightly and push forward, the machine moves forward; when both hands pull backward, the machine moves backward; when the left hand pushes forward and the right hand pulls backward, the machine turns clockwise; when the left hand pulls backward and the right hand pushes forward, the machine turns counter-clockwise;

When the left hand does not move and the right hand pushes left, the machine moves left; when the left hand does not move and the right hand pushes right, the machine moves right. In operation, attention should be paid to obstacles on the ground. If a machine collides with it, it may damage the machine, and more seriously, it may throw people out of the machine. In addition, during operation, if there is too much water on the floor, the machine may suddenly lose control and slip. We should pay attention and operate carefully.

Caution: When the outdoor temperature is too low and ice appears, anti-freeze fluid should be added to the water tank to prevent water from freezing in the water pipes and pumps, which will affect the use. Pump can not get water supply or ice appears in the pump, it will burn the pump and circuit during operation.

6. Blade angle adjustment of the Ride on Trowel Machine

When the hardness of concrete varies with roughing, finishing, pulping or flattening different floors, the blade angle needs to be adjusted. The adjustment of blade angle directly influences the effect of smoothing and labor efficiency. The blade angle can be adjusted by rotating the rotary handle according to the need. The two groups of blade angle regulators are independent of each other. When the adjusting screw is in the highest or lowest position, the rotating handle can not be pulled again, or may cause any damage. It should be noted that The machine can be used only when the concrete reaches a certain hardness.

Uses And Characteristics Of The Ride On power Trowel Machine

Ride on power trowel machine is suitable for concrete slurry, plastering, polishing for the surface of cement and widely used on the concrete floor construction of standard factory buildings, warehouses, parking lots, squares, frame buildings and other buildings.

The ride on trowel machine can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. More efficient than the armrest polisher, the machine equipped with double cutter heads has larger weight and better effect on the ground. The machine can be installed with two lifting discs at the same time for rapid pulping. Mechanical steering operation system is responsive and easy to operate. Equipped with Honda electric start engine, it provides strong and reliable power. The machine is designed with a safety emergency switch which can quickly shut down the engine and provide greater safety. The low center of gravity is designed to make the operation more stable and comfortable.


Principles Of The Ride On Trowel Machine

The engine passes the torque to the two groups of worm gear reducers by way of the rotating axle through clutch, belt and pulley. After deceleration, the torque is transmitted to the smear for polishing. The two groups of smears turn opposite. By moving the operating handle, the position of the center of gravity of the whole Ride on trowel machine can be changed, that is, the position of the direction of the frictional resistance is changed to generate the torque that changes the direction of movement of the whole machine, thereby making the machine move forward and backward, left and right and turn clockwise turn counterclockwise.

Cautions Of The Ride On Power Trowel

1. All parts of the machine shall be maintained on schedule.

2. Capable workers familiar with instructions and operation shall be in charge of operating and maintaining the Ride on trowel machine.

3. If the machine is found to be damaged, any operation immediately should stop and can not start until the machine is repaired.

4. Machines are only allowed to be used when the protective devices are in good condition.

5. Before operation, whether the protective device is in good condition and whether the fastener is loose should be checked.

6. The replaced parts shall conform to the standard parts specifications in the instruction and be produced by our factory.

7. The maximum speed and idle speed have been adjusted before the machine is shipped to the customers. It is strictly forbidden to increase the maximum speed privately which otherwise will reduce the service life of parts such as worm wheel, bearing and so on.

8. After operation, the machine should be cleaned with a certain pressure of water, which is fast and labor-saving.

9. When working, control the accelerator pedal to maximize the engine speed and prolong the service life of the high clutch. Do not tread and loosen the throttle trampoline repeatedly, which will accelerate wear and tear and reduce the service life.

Safety Matters Of The Ride On Power Trowel

1. It is strictly forbidden to use this ride on trowel machine in dangerous areas where there is a possibility of combustion or explosion.

2. When fuel is refueled, the engine should stop working; the lock-type lighter switch should be pulled out and closed; when fuel is refueled, care should be taken not to leak to the ground.

3. Smoking or open fire are strictly prohibited to be close to the ride on trowel machine.

4. The fuel tank cover should be tightened, and the hands or feet should not be put into the protective device so as to avoid causing personal injury.

5. When the ride on trowel machine works, the hand or foot can not be put into the protective device so as to avoid causing personal injury.

6. If fuel leakage is found, the engine shall be repaired immediately according to the engine instruction or with professional personnel.

7. When the engine is still hot, don’t touch the muffler. Be careful about scalding.

8. When operating the ride on trowel power, we should pay attention to the balance of the machine to avoid tipping.

9. The idle speed has been debugged before the machine is shipped to the customers. If the idle speed is adjusted privately, these clutch may be activated at idle speed, thus driving the speed of the smear to bring about dangers.

10. During operation, attention should be paid to obstacles on the ground. If the machine collides with them, the machine may be damaged, and more seriously, workers will be thrown out of the ride on trowel machine.

11. During operation, if there is too much water on the floor, the machine may suddenly lose control and slip. We should pay attention and operate carefully.

12. The contender switch under the left foot should ensure its proper work. When the left foot pedal is pressed, the machine can ignite successfully. When the left foot is removed, the machine should extinguish immediately. Before the operation, it is essential to ensure reliable operation and intact functions.

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