Concrete screed mechanism frame:

Our company is a professional manufacturer of concrete laser screed machines. The products produced are of high quality and quantity. Production equipment is very complete, The products we use are the most famous brands in the world. The laser system of the laser transmitter receiver system control panel adopts the world famous brand: German Leica, The engine is imported, Original imported Rexroth hydraulic valve set, Original imported hydraulic system, High-end seats provide a comfortable working space for the operator. Therefore, the quality of the concrete laser screed machine produced by our company is guaranteed!

The laser screed replaces the traditional manual leveling concrete. The ground level can reach laser level accuracy. Use a laser to control the level and flatness of the ground, Thus to achieve a super flat floor in the true sense. Then how much is the laser leveling machine? You first understand the performance and then look at the price. The holistic floor has abandoned the practice of separating the traditional concrete base layer from the surface layer. Thereby eliminating the common quality problems of cracks and empty drums due to poor bonding between the base layer and the surface layer. It is used more and more widely in factories, warehouses, runways, docks and other projects. The concrete is processed into a high-density, high-gloss floor using special leveling and polishing techniques. And a 3~5mm thick wear layer is naturally formed on the surface. No other chemical topping materials are needed, Meet environmental requirements.