With the continuous development of the world economy, under the tide of the Internet economy, a series of industries have been driven to develop and expand. As one of the beneficiaries, the floor area industry needs to complete thousands of square meters of works in the construction. The difficulty coefficient of traditional people leveling is increased not only a little bit, but also the labor intensity is greatly increased, and the labor cost is also a high expenditure. As a new kind of floor construction equipment, the concrete laser screed machine has been increasing in sales in recent years because it can significantly improve the leveling effect of concrete in large-scale concrete construction and reduce manpower investment.

hiking laser screed

With this trend, strong technical strength and excellent product quality, the sales volume of HIKING concrete laser screed machine has been increasing at a rate of 300% in recent three years. In addition to its 60 percent market share in China, the products have been exported to several countries in Asia and Europe and have been well received by many customers. After years of development and independent innovation, now the laser leveller products of HIKING company have three series: walk behind laser screed machine, ride on laser screed machine and remote concrete laser screed machine. The daily leveling efficiency of concrete can reach 2500-3500 m2 / day, and it can easily achieve super flat floor.

hiking laser screed

According to the reliable data, the large area and high quality of the industrial plant, exhibition center, square, airport, and other ground floor projects will be increased by 20% annually in the next three years. Meanwhile, the traditional construction technology and means cannot meet the requirements. It is believed that HIKING concrete laser screed machine will have greater development opportunities.


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