With the continuous development of the weighbridge industry, the market share of the concrete laser screed is growingly increased, and the laser screed has many different types including the two-wheeled walk-behind laser screed, the four-wheeled ride-on laser screed and the six-wheeled ride-on laser screed, etc. Among which the two-wheeled walk-behind laser screed is a super-high cost performance product which enjoys its good reputation of being the top-selling product, having the best market holdings and being the most popular product with the clients. Now I will introduce the advantages of the two-wheeled laser screed as follows:

ev850 2s walk behind concrete laser screed machine58

  1. The walk-behind type, the electronic control mode: it can be set in the automatic control mode or the manual control mode, so it is convenient and flexible to operate, so one person is able enough to operate it, and it is high in sensitivity, control accuracy and stability.ev850 2s walk behind concrete laser screed machine43
  2. Its two wheels can be moved independently, so it is flexible and convenient to handle, and by using the electric-driven two-wheeled running system, its two wheels can move independently from each other, which will also not influence the operation of screed head, and it adopts the electromotive system to control its forward, back, steering and the moving speed of the wheels, so it is quite convenient to move it.ev850 2s walk behind concrete laser screed machine37
  3. The integrated screed head, it is composed of scrapers, vibrators, vibrating plates and other parts, etc. So many processes such as finding the level surface, screeding, paving and vibrating can be integrated into a single one, which will be accomplished by the machine for only one time, thus its efficiency can be improved and the manpower can be reduced.ev850 2s walk behind concrete laser screed machine84
  4. The screed head and the machine body will not bother each other, so it is an authentic independent suspension system, and when the foundation bobs up and down and the ground slopes up or down, it can still keep the construction going horizontally.ev850 2s walk behind concrete laser screed machine89
  5. It has adopted the imported laser system, and it can make an overall paving in a large area, and the supporting template is not needed. The generating laser is solely set, which assures the consistency of the ground elevation, and the ground is not controlled by the template, thus an random error can be avoid, and the block segmentation method in a large area can reduce the construction joint, which can significantly reduce the latter ground maintenance cost.ev850 2s walk behind concrete laser screed machine102
  6. Vibrating motor imported with original packaging, 4000 times vibration frequency per minute, the ground gets denser and stronger, which can effectively solve the problems such as ground fracturing and bigger construction joint.
  7. The whole weight of the machine is 320 kg, equipped with two sets of tires, (the hollow wide tires and the solid narrow tires) can work in the cast-in-place slab of the floor and the double-layered steel mesh, which is convenient for demobilization, so a large amount of hoisting costs can be saved.ev850 2s walk behind concrete laser screed machine63
  8. It has adopted the Honda GX200 air-cooled four-stroke OHV engine, which is characterized by low fuel consumption, stable performance and lesser later maintenance costs.ev850 2s walk behind concrete laser screed machine11
  9. With the super high working efficiency and fast construction speed, its construction area per hour can reach more than 300 square meters, and its daily workload can be 2500-3000 square meters, which can greatly shorten the construction period.
  10. It is equipped with cleaning equipment at any time, and it will clean the concrete stains on the machine body after construction and keep the machine body clean, which can assure its accuracy and prolong its service life.

The two-wheeled walk-behind laser screed has an better overall advantage, which can be applied in all kinds of construction circumstances, so in the current market, the two-wheeled laser screed is the mainstream product and is popular with a vast number of users.

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