Top 10 reasons to choose a hand-held concrete laser screed:

  1. Our company integrates scientific research and development, production and sales, technical service into one of the most professional laser screed machine equipment manufacturers;
  2. The modular design of the electric drive starting system is adopted to effectively reduce the failure rate;
  3. The imported generator is more fuel efficient, easy to start, and more silent;
  4. Original imported laser leveling equipment, laser leveling signal is more accurate and smoother;
  5. The integrated casing is more beautiful: dustproof, concrete splashing, and internal equipment protection;
  6. Super strong vibration force, more compact, vibration frequency up to 4000r / min to avoid the phenomenon of honeycomb, blistering;
  7. Imported push button switch for more flexible, more durable and more accurate operation;
  8. Self-developed anti-tilt device, which is more conducive to the paving of concrete to improve the flatness;
  9. Performance tire tailoring;
  10. The whole body is easy to transport.