Ride on power trowel is used for purifying, compacting, floating and troweling of concrete floor; it is widely used in floating and leveling work of concrete road such as square concrete floor, country road and highway floor, its working efficiency is dozens times than general walk behind power trowel, it is widely used in architecture construction as it save time and labor.

ride on power trowel
ride on power trowel

Features of ride on power trowel supplied by Hiking:

1, Double millstones work together, which increases working area, and enhances working efficiency.

2, It is equipped with excellent famous brand parallel bars HONDA GX690 gasoline engine, the horsepower is powerful but it save oil and protects environment it is easy to start by one-button.

3, The operator should ride on the machine during operation, it works like driving a car, it is easy to be operated and it works high efficiently.

4, the gearbox of ride on power trowel designed with large modulus, aluminium alloy box, fine copper gear free of maintenance, it has a long service life, we will change it free of charge for non-artificial problems. The trowel equipped with high strength supporting arm trowel, the carbon alloy steel of super large diameter strictly performance heat treatment, to ensure super heavy work for a long time it even can adapt some work’s rough handing.

5, clutch transmission mechanism of high quality, high speed centrifugal, big driving torque, it has a long service life, easy to maintenance.

ride on power trowel
ride on power trowel

6, gravity is designed to shift down, which make the machine runs more smoothly, flexibly, and operate more safely.

7, button type electric water spray, easy and convenient operation, it makes the trowel more convenient.

8, three groups of high light led floodlight powered by the dynamo without lose of battery capacity, it provide light for dark underground park and night work, which avoid the machine restricted by darkness.

9, the machine body equipped with 75 manganese steel thickened millstone and trowel, it reduce usage cost and increase workload, it can work out 10000 square-meter area without replacement.

10, the surface processed with spraying plastics, beautiful, rust proof and anti-corrosion.

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