laser screed-Our company specializes in the development and manufacture of concrete laser screed. First in China, Committed to building the first brand of concrete laser screed and leveling machine.

Leveling the concrete floor with advanced laser technology,It is a high-precision leveling equipment with high precision and small error. Working efficiency of concrete laser screed machine. The machine’s vibration frequency is 4000 times / minute, which ensures the solidity of the concrete floor and is molded at one time. The operation is simple and flexible, and the degree of automation is high, which greatly improves the construction efficiency. Especially suitable for large-scale floor construction, the workload of 3000 square meters can be achieved every day. Ensuring 350 cubic meters of work per hour, greatly reducing labor costs, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

laser screed—The concrete portable laser screed machine is mainly used for the construction of large-scale concrete floors such as modern industrial plants, large shopping malls, logistics terminal yards, plazas and aprons.