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Hiking roller screeds are available in various sizes and can be widely used in various concrete leveling projects. Gpj-200 roller screed is driven by high quality electric motor/engine. During the process of use, the direction of pulling the machine should be opposite to the direction of rotation of the machine, and the machine will flatten the concrete through the rolling of the roller. This machine is an ideal choice in some concrete pavement leveling projects with certain slope. Because concrete roller screen does not have the function of vibration, it is also very suitable for the leveling engineering of permeable concrete.


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  1. The roller screed has simple structure, easy maintenance and low failure rate.
  2. it’s easy to install and operate.
  3. The roller screed is portable with a mall sizeand a light weight.
  4. It can be widely used in various inclined concrete leveling projects and permeable concrete leveling projects
  5. Multiple width can be selected
  6. it can be driven by electric or gasoline.


  1. Where are you from? Can I buy your roller screedin different countries?

Our company is located in China. Our products can be sent to most countries around the world, and we have agents and cooperative customs clearance agents in more than 30 countries around the world. Please rest assured.

  1. How is the quality of your roller screed? How to carry out after-sales service?

Our company has passed iso9001-2015 quality certification. You can feel comfortable to buy our products. The structure of roller screed is very simple. Compared with some large machines, it  has very low failure rate. If there is any problem, it is very easy to solve. We provide you with a half year free warranty. If the roller screed you purchased here are on the brink during the warranty period, we will mail you accessories as soon as possible to help you solve the problem. At the same time, we will also provide you with a life-long cost warranty. In case of failure of the machine beyond the warranty period, we will also help you solve the problem in the first time and only charge you for the relevant parts.

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