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Hiking Machinery is committed to providing high-quality roller screed for global concrete contractors. According to different driving power, Hiking roller screed can be divided into 4 types: electric type, battery type, gas-powered type and hydraulic type. The machine is equipped with our patented product-extendable roller tubes, which can be connected according to the length you need.

Roller Screed (Spin Screed) Price And Products

Hiking roller screeds (Spin screed) provide you with three kinds of power: electric, battery and gasoline engine. In 2022, we newly launched a roller tube that can be connected, which can be combined into different lengths. The connectable roller tube system is equipped with three roller tubes of 2 meters and one roller tube of 1.2 meters, and two pipe joints. You can connect the roller tube according to your needs, and the length can be up to 6 meters. At the same time, we also support the customization of other sizes roller tubes.

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Do You Know About Concrete Roller Screed?

We have already done a detailed introduction to roller screed, you can have a detailed understanding of this machine through the following article.

The Advantages Of Rotary Roller Screed

  1. the operator does not need to bend down when using it, only needs to stand and drag forward. This can reduce the waist injury of the staff and reduce the labor intensity. (According to LHSFNA, roller screed allows a more upright posture without neck bending, eliminates pinch and wrist bending, requires minimal lifting, and reduces hand-arm repetition. This not only makes the staff easier and healthier, but also leads to better productivity and efficiency.)
  2. The maximum construction width of spin screed pipe can reach more than 10 meters (At present, only truss screed can be comparable to it, but the portability of roller screed far exceeds that of truss screed).
  3. When using on the sloped formwork, this forward rolling design can prevent falling. So it is one of the most suitable machines for concrete slope construction.
  4. The roller screed can be equipped with a central connector. It is the only machine that can easily construct various cone and funnel concrete surfaces.
  5. The roller screed will not vibrate the concrete during construction. This feature makes it very suitable for the construction of permeable concrete.
  6. With custom drums, you can use roller screed to build various gutters and concrete edges.
  7. Thanks to the above advantages, roller screed is currently the most widely used concrete leveling machine.
spin screed pipe

Roller screed VS Vibrating screed

Roller Screed Vibrating Screed
Working Width 1-10m 1-3m [*1]
Screed Type 5mm Aviation Aluminum Buttable Roller Tube Double / Single Layer Aviation Aluminum Screed Plate
Portability Very Portable Portable
Vibration Force No Vibration Force [*2] Have Vibration Force
Operation Mode Stand Up Bend Down
Number Of Operators 2 1
Formwork Need Need
Applied range All kind of concrete leveling projects (need and not need vibrating) , and concrete slope, permeable concrete, conical concrete surface and funnel-shaped concrete surface. Concrete leveling projects that need vibrating / Better for some small area concrete slab projects that need vibrating.

*1 It is not recommended to use screed plate exceeds 3m. Because vibrating power screed relies on the vibrating force to compact the concrete, When the working width exceeds 3m, the vibrating force on its sides will be insufficient and will not have a good compaction effect. In addition, the power screed just have one operator who has to bend down to operate it. When the width of the vibrating plate is wider than 3m, it will be very difficult for the operator to move it.

*2 The concrete vibrator can be used to vibrate the concrete alone, and the effect is better, so the roller screed can level the concrete that needs to be vibrated.


How to use a roller screed?

The use of roller screed is very simple. You only need to put the roller tube on the formwork, then install the power module. When you press the switch, it will work. The operators pulling direction and the screed rolling direction are opposite. During construction, the height of concrete paving should be controlled according to the position of the roller tube.

Roller screed rental?

The rental price of roller screed is generally 100usd/day. For this type of machine, you must carefully check the machine state to avoid malfunctions during use. For professional concrete contractors, owning a power roller screed is more affordable than renting.

roller screed for sale

roller screed for sale


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