Pervious Concrete Roller Screed For Sale

Pervious Concrete Roller Screed for sale=

The pervious concrete roller screed uses a rotating roller to push down and ram the pervious concrete as much as possible. In this process, there will be no vibration (excessive vibration will damage the structure of pervious concrete), and the aggregate with a good ratio will be reasonably distributed in the concrete. The pervious concrete roller screed is the perfect equipment for constructing permeable concrete.


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Pervious Concrete Roller Screed

Pervious Concrete Cross Roller

You can use our pervious concrete cross roller for secondary compacting permeable concrete. In contrast to other similar products, our hand rollers have weight-boosting holes. You can fill the roller with sand through the weight-boosting holes to blend its weight and compaction effect.

Pervious Concrete Cross Roller
Price 530.00 USD
Weight 23 KG+
Roller Width 100 CM

Pervious Concrete Joint Cutter

To prevent cracking of the permeable concrete, you can use our pervious concrete joint cutter for slitting the permeable concrete.

Pervious Concrete Joint Cutter
Price 580.00 USD
Weight 23 KG+
Cut Deepth 3.5 CM (Can be customized)

Roller Tubes

You can choose from our connected roller screed tubes, but we suggest you buy steel pipes(φ114mm / Thickness: 2mm) as roller tubes locally.

We strongly recommend buying your own steel rollers as they are heavier and better compacted. It is also more rigid and less prone to deformation. If you cannot buy the suitable size steel pipe locally, we can also customize the plugs according to your steel pipe model (for general size steel pipe, we only charge a $200 customization fee).

connectable roller tube

Why Use Pervious Concrete Roller Screed

The aggregate is evenly distributed among pervious concrete, and the gap in the concrete can allow water to penetrate through. Using roller screed will not destroy these structures of pervious concrete. In pervious concrete construction, we suggest you use roller screed to level the pervious concrete. Because most screed machines are compacted by vibration, high-frequency vibration will destroy the structure of pervious concrete. On the other hand, roller screed’s levelling principle fully conforms to the construction standards of Pervious Concrete. roller Screed is used to finish the levelling. Then pervious concrete cross rollers are used to compact the concrete surface again (In some countries, contractors are used to using slow-speed permeable concrete power trowels for compaction). Finally, a vibrating bull float can be used to vibrate the concrete.

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