roller screed for sale in UK

Hiking Machinery is a professional roller screed supplier. There are currently three types of roller screed, battery type, gasoline type and plug-in type, which can meet the requirements of different working conditions in the UK.

Roller Screed Products In UK

Roller screed is one of the common equipment in concrete leveling projects. In UK, it is also known as roller striker tube. There are many advantages to using this tool for concrete leveling. Compared with some large concrete screed machines, it is small in size and easy to carry. It can replace roller tubes of different lengths according to different leveling widths, and is widely used. It has no vibration function and uses a rotating roller tube to flatten the concrete. Therefore, for some high-quality concrete, it will not vibrate the aggregates of the concrete to the bottom, but divide these aggregates evenly in the concrete, thereby increasing the durability and abrasion resistance of the concrete floor. In addition, thanks to this advantage of roller screed, it has become the best machine for leveling permeable concrete. Hiking concrete roller striker for sale in good price, And the machine is matched with our company’s newly launched connectable roller tubes, which can level concrete floors of different widths.


Welcome UK Customers To Order Our Roller Screed

Hiking machinery attaches great importance to UK market development and welcomes UK concrete contractors purchase our products. Below we have summarized some questions that  maybe you are interesting.

How to buy your roller screed in UK?

If you are a concrete contractor, you can order roller screed from us through online payment. If you are an importer and need to order a large number, we can also customize it for you individually.

How long will it take to receive the roller screed after purchase.

We can provide a variety of ways to transport you. Generally, it takes 50 days to reach the UK by sea, and 10 days by air.

How to provide after-sales service for UK customers?

Most of our roller screeds provide a one-year free after sale. If the machine fails within one year, we will send you free accessories as soon as possible and guide you to solve the problem. For more than one year, we provide cost after sale, and we only charge the parts cost for repair.

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